The Critical Laser Experiment

This poem explains the laser experiment which nullifies the “Uncertainty Principle” and verifies the “Certainty Principle,” finally correcting Quantum Mechanics.


1 To sum up what we’ve learned of it
Make quantum science sing,
It’s caused by resonance in fields
That make up Everything.

2 From math that’s for, oscillation’s score
Max Planck’s constant we derive
That makes our math more accurate
And helps root out the jive

3 But for 80 years they’re stuck
In “Uncertain” mud
Believing Warner Heisenberg
and Neils Bohr, his favorite bud.

4 They claimed light came as particles
Much shorter than its wave*
That let them arrive at random
Yet, as statistics they behave?

5 But if that’s true each one we knew
Electromagnetic waves destroys
As each would have a random tone
Changing phase to make “white noise”

6 But, clearly that don’t happen
With laser light or cool FM
Having quiet reliability
No randomness in them

7 ‘till now we have examined
radio and laser light
They clearly violate his theory,
and blow it out of sight.

8 Next we’ll test his particles
Which he claims arrive
At random times within each cycle
Forms the basis of his jive.

9 A simple test with laser light
Delay one half of it
then bring it back together
To make interference from the split

10 When we bring his particles together
They might hit, or maybe miss *
By adjusting their arrival times
We can make sense of this.

11 If his theory is alright
Then we can make them miss
Enough to make the image seen, as
When single beams don’t kiss

12 Now—
If they were to match exactly right
Constructive Interference they should make
Even though Uncertainty provides
No way to make it work— or even fake!

13 But—
If there are no particles
So their energy is spread
Over the entire wavelength
Then his theory’s really dead!

14 In Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Nine
I set it up to see.
It failed to show a single time
Like his Uncertainty.

15 I ran the thing for months on end
Not once, could I make them miss
Adjusting the delay throughout
His particles just don’t exist!

16 But if you do adjust its phase
Through each degree of change
You’ll find its energy’s still there, along
It’s entire wavelength’s range

17 Thus the energy developed
Accumulates through time
A full period, one full wavelength long
In precisely-made space-time

18 There are those who claim I’m cheating
Say my test does not agree
For, I only see accumulated light
But there’s some facts they just don’t see

19 Interference happens
On the way and in the air
It has no means of accumulating
To build a statistic there

20 ‘cause light will go right to the screen
To different places where
A bunch of single beams won’t change
What I would see right there

21 Yes, my eye will add it up
Accumulate in my stare
But that won’t change
      positions on the screen,
Where it lands directly there

22 All the singles in the world
Won’t wind up making in the air
A Constructive Interference shape
As a different image there

23 This shakes up every physics class
‘cause all along we’re taught
About his great hypothesis
As every student sought

24 So if it’s not by random
Then how is it that things work?
It’s reliable, and trust worthy
It never goes berserk*

25 Each short-time interaction
‘twixt overlapping fields
Makes consistent products
For the same results it yields

26 That’s not like random anything
It’s pseudorandom at its best
It always gets it right you see
So it never will forget

27 Corrected Quantum Mechanics
With its pseudorandom Certainty
Now has a cause-and-effect foundation
That matches Relativity

28 The work that’s done may still be good
Wave functions are ok
If they describe what really works
In our experiments of today

29 ‘cause only pseudorandomness
Makes repeatable wave math
So keep your work, don’t go berserk
Advance along a straightened path

30 So we’ve found the common basis
Now the Universe can sing
'cause finally, we've united them
Into a working Theory of Everything

31 So we’re no longer “uncertain”
We’re as sure as we can be
So let’s go make more progress
With new-found Certainty

Aren’t you glad?

by John N. Hait

* Particles would arrive during much shorter time intervals than the wavelength of the Electromagnetic wave. Thus, they would appear as energy spikes, rather than filling the entire period with energy.

If real, one should be able to adjust their arrival times so as to make them miss each other, causing the production of a “single beam” image in an interference experiment rather than producing Constructive Interference as between two beams. In the actual experiment, I could not produce such single beam images. Thus, Heisenberg’s spikes could not be detected.


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Update 1-25-2010