A Memory Aid:
Everything's Made Easy
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This poem teaches how resonant fields make up Everything in the Universe, and their relationship to our everyday activities.


1 There once was a chicken named Sally,
She ate big black bugs, with big ugly mugs
That became all the eggs,
    that thus she had made
For our breakfast she laid in the alley.

2 We hunt for our breakfast,
    to see where she hid
The white and the shell and the yoke.
We’re careful you see, delicate as can be
To make sure our breakfast’s not broke.

3 A tap on the edge of the pan,
Will open our chicken-made can,
Make it hot as can be, kills the bugs we can’t see,
For refreshment we love on Saipan.

4 Our body will savor its flavor
Digest it to make part of us.
The part we don’t need,
   goes back to the bugs
Recycling this natural stuff.

5 The coconut trees make our lunch
   in the breeze
By pulling up minerals and water.
Right out of the ground, without even a sound
Makes Tuba from brackish saltwater.

6 Then, up at the top, she remodels the stuff
From the “Tuba” we know as the sap.
Makes coconut meat with its juice that's so sweet,
In reusable containers at that.

7 Then she hands it to us, all this edible stuff
So our bodies can make you and me.
From the food she has made, as we laid in the shade
of this magnificent tropical tree.

8 Our supper is likewise constructed.
From the things that surround us on Earth.
Reorganized dirt’s what we’re made of,
Since even before our own birth.

9 If we dig down much deeper we see,
That atoms make up you and me.
Like bricks they’re remodeled, arranged and so joggled
To build everything that we see.

10 Yet they’re only made of resonant fields
That flow at the speed of swift light.
Around and around it is guided we’ve found
With precision that gets it all right.

11 How is it, it always remembers,
How to deal with each thing it does meet?
Consistently making those changes,
Interactions they always repeat?

12 Every thing was once altogether.
So all is made of the same stuff.
That all works the same, regardless of name
With the Universe all is enough.

13 Like our dinner we rearrange fields
To make every thing that it yields.
We put them together, make even the weather,
Yes “Everything” is made of fields.

14 Is it really by random involvement,
Consistency always displayed?
Or is it machinery that’s making it work
In so many reliable ways?

15 There are those who promote, for random they grope,
But which leads minds in uncertain ways.
But if we are certain, we’ll bring down the curtain
On the “Uncertainty *” of former days.

16 From laser light, which gets it all right,
we dig out “Uncertainty” quirks.
‘cause creation makes sense, takes out the suspense,
So we find out how Everything works.

Isn’t it neat to finally know how everything works,
with perfect recycling!

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-25-2010