Evergreen Heating and Cooling

This poem teaches how Passive Annual Heat Storage is used to design a home with a build-in continuously comfortable temperature that requires no commercial energy to operate, having a zero carbon footprint, or a negative one, if this kind of home replaces a conventional one.


1 With Evergreen Heating and Cooling,
It uses the sun and our soil.
It makes us continuously comfortable.
Without using a drop of their oil

2 Yet, how might we do it?
    Iíll take you all through it
For a sample Iíll give you a hint,
With natural stuff, itís no longer rough,
And it leaves NO carbon footprint.

3 The laws of heat flow, as many now know,
Just as natural as one can be.
No need to suck oil, right out of the soil,
For it burns not a drop you will see.

4 We built in Montana where itís cold in the winter,
And the heat in the summerís severe.
But it works so darn well, in this house you can dwell,
In comfort, throughout the whole year.

5 It uses the earth, with its natural worth,
To store heat from summerís sunshine.
Then brings it all back as we need it, in fact,
Without a machine in the line.

6 You organize annual heat flow,
Using the homeís natural stuff.
You capture the heat when you get it
Then youíll find it will save just enough.

7 This cools the interior all summer,
And saves it for winterís relief.
They canít tax you for conservation,
Or leave it around for a thief.

8 20 feet down it is constant.
Its temperature maybe will be,
Too hot or too cold, at the moment,
But weíll soon make it nice as can be.

9 We donít insulate the earth shelter.
The building we put in the ground.
Instead, we protect all around it,
20 feet out and around.

10 The open face looks at the sunshine,
Which brings us our energy free.
We save what we need, with no need for greed.
We donít even need C.O.D.

11 The groundís basic temperature rises,
When we pull heat right out of the house.
Through natural conduction,
To please your fine children and spouse.

12 Then when the temperature lowers,
In the home, just a few small degrees.
That heat helps us twice, keeps us cozy and nice,
When it comes back just as we all please.

13 The one we built in Montana,
Maintains a fine comfort zone,
Within 3 degrees, without even a breeze,
From a proper room temperature home.

14 Ďcause it always is nice, just like Paradise,
70 F. or 20 in C.
It really donít mater, the first or the latter.
'cause, itís comfortable we all agree.

15 In tropical lands thereís a difference.
We point it away from the sun,
To cool off the earth all around it,
Without air conditioning to run.

16 It works oh so well, beyond others excel,
Without spewing carbon. NO WAY!
Itís an Evergreen home, so thereís no need to roam,
And itís kind to our Earth every day.

17 So what will we find in the future,
Do Evergreens lie just ahead?
Weíll make our fine homes, some may even be domes,
But weíll build them while using our heads.

by John N. Hait


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