E=mc2 Made Easy

This poem teaches how an understanding of resonant fields explains, so very easily, how to derive Einstein’s famous formula E=mc2.


1 It may seem oh so difficult.
It may seem so complex.
But as you’ll see, it just maybe,
The simplest of subjects.

2 All the inside energy, an atom has in store,
Can be calculated,
    if we know its weight— no more.
E is for its energy, m is mass you see,
c is just the speed of light,
     2 squares up the score.

3 The key to understanding it
Is in its moving parts.
For all that’s made of energy
Is in resonance for starts.

4 All resonant things use common math,
Like a child swinging free.
Her high point maximizes,
Her potential energy.

5 While at her low point,
She moves fast.
Her speed is just the key,
For here it maximizes her kinetic Energy.

6 Since one is zero, while the other max,
If we follow through its sequel,
Neglecting wind resistance,
Their sum is always equal.

7 Scientists discovered
by trial and by error.
How to measure things kinetic,
As movement measured there.

8 The formula was so simple.
E = ½mV2 it is.
They discovered it by rolling balls
Down inclines with a whiz.

9 So now let’s look at atoms
To see how much they got,
Locked up inside of them
It really is a lot.

10 Since potential and kinetic
work the same in resonant fields,
The total will be double of
the average that one yields.

11 But--
When we weigh an object,
We get an average mass.
So her high-speed energy comes from twice
Her average mass.

12 That takes care of the ½
Next velocity, the V
Is the speed of light inside.
They’ve measured it you see.

13 My! How easy it is now,
With resonance in play.
E=mc2 we’ve found
It's much easier, won’t you say? 1

14 The speed of light is very big,
So by squaring it, it grows.
Gigantic energy there is,
As everybody knows.

15 Einstein never had it nice.
He started out from scratch.
For resonance was still hidden then,
With its potential and kinetic match.

16 Certainly that explains a lot
Their energy is so vast.
So with all this locked up energy,
It’s no wonder kids move fast.

by John N. Hait


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