Everything in Poetry

This poem describes how the secret was revealed that has kept scientists from unifying all of physics into a comprehensive Theory of Everything, which was finally accomplished in the Resonant Field Theory of 2000.


Meet the Author

1 This poetry is up to date
Advancement— it’s the best
With Resonant Fields to make things
Here comes the final test

2 Around the world most are behind
It’s hard to keep completely up
For science moves so fast now-days
It’s grown up— not a pup

3 But, when something is really new
That shakes foundations deep
One should study very closely, so
From logic— good things reap

4 Resonant Fields are that way
Because 80 years gone by
They failed to unify all physics
And yet, they don’t know why

5 The secret that was hid from them
Came from "Uncertainty * "
For if you’re not certain what you’re doing
How can you set us free?

6 The key became so obvious
The way things work and be
It’s not like random anything
But by consistency

7 When tested in the laser lab
with equipment— the best
Things just don’t work like Warner said
His theory failed the test #

8 What’s more the proof had been
Among us all this time
We just didn’t take the time to look
At field movement— sublime

9 This is the best foundation
for Everything we see
It clarifies our thinking
So folks can all agree

10 Advancement is then possible
Much more we guarantee
For Resonant Fields explain for us
Everything we see.

Exciting isn't it!

* The "Uncertainty Principle" by Werner Heisenberg asserts that the universe is a collection of random events that can only be examined statistically. It forms the basis of Quantum Mechanics. However because it's not based on cause-and-effect, it is fundamentally incompatible with Einstein's Relativity, the other great half of modern physics.

Scientist's goal is to unite both into a comprehensive Theory of Everything, which because of their incompatibility, had not been done up until the publication of the Resonant Field Theory in 2000. It corrects the fundamental problems with Heisenberg’s hypothesis, and lays out a working Theory of Everything that covers all the bases.

# Details of these failures are covered in the poems down the line.

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-20-2010