Einstein Codes

This poem explains the Einstein Codes and how we know they exist, and how they work. Information not available elsewhere.


1 Atoms have the quality
They know just what they are
When hooked up with another one
They donít do things bizarre

2 They are consistent in their work
They never hook up wrong
The question is, ďHow do they know
To which group they belong?

3 We see they are not random
But pseudorandom is their game
They always get it right you see
They function just the same

4 Hydrogen knows itís hydrogen
Oxygen is the same
When they come together
Itís always water in our rain.

5 Einstein had it figured out
How much energy therein it swirled
But he didnít know, how it would flow
Around the subatomic world

6 It surely is consistent
For when they overlap
They make the same arrangement
They follow their own map

7 The flow is a machine, you know
It donít just come about
Thatís why it is consistent
It flows in its own route

8 Because its flow is resonant
In cycles like a rhyme
So when it interacts
It works one cycle at a time *

9 Then when it interacts
It knows exactly where to go
Because it has been organized
In the pattern of its flow

10 These patterns of field movement
Are called Einstein Codes
Theyíre locked in place by force
Of the force-fields in their roads

11 Thatís why they canít forget
How to interact
With others it encounters
Itís patternís locked intact.

12 Yes, itís just dynamic energy
These Einstein Codes reveal
But organized machinery is
What makes them strong as steel

13 The Universe is reliable
It works strictly by laws
That we can study, and find out
Its effect along with cause

by John N. Hait

* Each cycle is termed a ďfemto interference event.Ē A complete resonant circulation that uses the entire amount of energy from all wavelength-matching, superpositioning inputs in 4-space, to complete its resonation/interference process, within one wavelength.

In atoms, these are termed "de Broglie wavelengths." It takes many such to circumnavigate the atom within its shell.


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