Dreams of Your Own Green Island

Have you ever dreamed about
What you could really do
If you only had the chance
To make your dreams come true?


A. Why not build your own green island?

1 Where will the folks inhabit
When the world is full of them?
When the mountains and the valleys
Are used up to their end?

2 Need more land to live on?
3/5 of this planetís available free
Itís just a little wet
So you need to remodel it at sea

3 Some folks have already done it
To a little bit extentó So
Letís make a demonstration, show the world
The things we could invent

4 The world needs green technology
To help it to sustain
A comfortable and happy home
Where we can all remain

B. Improve technology

5 We can improve technology
And adapt it to our site
And make it fun and profitable
Ďcause with a chance we might

6 Succeed in showing folks
Just how we enterprise
We test out new ideas
Inventing things for Paradise

7 Some will work, and some will not
Thatís how research goes on
But if you never start
Your dreams are all but gone

C. Demonstration using recycled and natural materials

8 With what shall we build it
Our floating home at sea?
With leftovers from what man has made
Left from society

9 Plus natural things we havenít bought
We want to make it cheap
Without reducing independence
Good value we can reap

10 We donít need things ostentatious
Just to make the merchants glad
Itís better that we count the cost
So more folks we can add

11 However, in the beginning
We do need certain cash
To cover our expenses
As we collect the trash

12 Then once things get to rolling
Weíll make our work well known
By producing TV programs
That explain what we have grown

D. Testing platform for new green ideas

13 Since we test the new stuff
There to make our floating home
So others can apply it
In a floatation of their own

E. Make our island a Green Educational Center as an example of the practical application of green floating technology for instructing visitors.

14 When itís fully underway
The folks around the world
Can come as eco-tourists
To learn what we have unfurled

F. Recycled bottles provide floating foundation

15 The first thing that we will collect
Plastic bottles that are sold
Because they last forever
At least thatís what weíre told

16 If you keep them from the sunlight
UV rays wonít deteriorate
So underneath the water
They wonít disintegrate

17 They make a safe foundation
Ďcause if some should spring a leak
The others take right over
So the bottom they donít seek

G. Natural-fiber-reinforced thin-shell-concrete makes
rot-proof components

18 Now some have used old plywood
And bamboo that seems fine
But so do termites love that stuff
So they munch it all the time

19 Itís better to use concrete
Ďcause it donít taste so good
It makes our work more permanent
For showing as we should

H. Geodesic dome shelter for strength

20 Our floating home should be
Well engineered from stem to stern
Even though it floats alright
Itís structure should confirm

21 Our desire is to make it work
As strong as it can be
With a geodesic structure
Which performs well naturally

I. Wind, wave and solar powered electric generation

22 A modern home needs power
To run those things we buy
From cell phones to computers
Without a battery supply

23 We use the natural energy
To make our gadgets run
So our future loving customers
Wonít imagine theyíre undone

24 We have for us a large array
Of ways to make things go
From windmills and wave power
To solar,
donít you know

25 So our island will have plenty
To show around the world
As examples to the masses
Who'll love what weíve unfurled

26 Besides it always looks real good
For windmills they would see
On the Discovery Channel
Which is where we hope to be

J. Rain water collection

27 The dome is large, so it can catch
Rainwater we will store
To water all our flowers
And the fruitage we adore

K. Column Still for fresh potable water

28 But since weíre in the ocean
With salt water all around
We need some distillation
At room temperature weíve found

29 Already folks are using it
In common industrial ways
So we can imitate its use
To use the free sunís rays

L. Sustainable self-sufficiency

30 The best thing we could build upó a
Self-sustaining floating craft
To prove weíre not so stupid
With evidence weíre not daft!

M. Global Warming?

31 What if your home gets flooded
By the rising of the sea
Will you be prepared to face it
Or from it will you flee?

32 There are lots of folks, right now
Who live right on their boats
But usually they canít grow their food,
Or even walk upon its floats

33 To be prepared you start right now
But where can you really learn?
Without a dedicated Center
To teach and help discern?

34 If we have global warming
The rich may pay the price
But much of whatís now flatland
For no one will suffice

35 It will not grow the food we need
Or keep us dry and nice
We really need a place to live
Thatís like a paradise

36 But Ďtill then, we have to work
To make a place to stay
That also grows our food for us
We can enjoy each day

N. Beautiful for educational TV programs and
as a eco-tourist attraction and practical training center

37 Of course it must be beautiful
So it will please the TV panel
As we hope to make it shown
On the Discovery Channel

38 Then hopefully the folks will come
To learn just how they do
Make their own green islands
Just like me and you

39 Will it attract a great big crowd?
We sure do hope it will
Focus attention on the needs of man
While they increase their skill

40 Where better should they travel?
For, where else can they learn?
First hand how things do operate
Thereís nowhere else to turn

41 This islandís not commercial
Weíre not planning it to sell
A bunch of expensive hardware
Let the others do that well

42 Instead we teach the people
To build things at their home
To make things really comfortable
So they wonít have to roam

O. Why fund an eccentric old scientist

43 Who else would you give money to
Ones without the vision?
How would they expect to make money
Or get on television?

44 This website has some samples *
Of green ways that really work
Without green thinking in our future
Our responsibilities we shirk

45 Isnít it about time
To demonstrate to folks
In practical applications
So more people we can coax

46 Remember as you contemplate
While relaxing with your sherry
What good will come, if you become
The richest man in the cemetery

47 So think seriously about it
To see what can be done
As we try to educate the folks
To help out everyone

If youíre really interested, please contact me.

by John N. Hait



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Update 1-31-2010