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The Proven Tricks to Light-Speed Supercomputing (ebook)

Multiple Photonic Problems, Multiple Solutions for Supercomputing. 12 years of research.(Contents)

1. Fixing Component Vibrations
2. Why is the index of refraction changed this way?
3. Fully Optical Signal Analyzer
4. Combining Photonic Signals and Correcting Misconceptions
5. Limits to the Fournier Analysis
6. Power Combinations and Safety
7. Focusing ANY Light into a Beam
8. How do these things become practical using old electronic manufacturing?
9. Photonic Transistor
10. Super-Duper Computing in One Light Cycle
11. Pipelining
12. Coupling Slow Electronics to Super Speed Photonics
13. Light Pulse Racing
14. Photonic Inverter, AND, OR and XOR
15. Lego Blocks
16. Photonic Supercomputer
17. Holograms and The Finite Element Analysis
18. Cascading, connecting optical components
19. The Single-Pole Double-Through fully Photonic Switch
20. Fully Photonic Amplification in one cycle of light
21. Balancing the XOR
22. The Threshold Detector
23. The Brain Function
24. Machines that Learn and Neurologic Function
25. Why compute so fast in 1 femtosecond?
26. Using slow electro-optics to compute rapidly
27. Long Long Distance Communications
28. 4 Dimensions
29. Antigravity
30. Navigation Beyond Light Speed
31. Disproving Heisenberg
32. History
33. Earning a living from light.

In 1989 I invented the world’s fastest computer. U.S. Patent 5,093,802. Check it out!

At one point, I had $12 million. The greedy ones stole it all from me, and I had to run to Micronesia to avoid them. I had 600 documented inventions, (it’s now over 1000,) 20 patents, and 20 more on the way, many were worldwide.

I made the mistake of signing them over to the company, not realizing that their goal was to trash me and the company, and steal the inventions for themselves. Which they did.

Sure it’s illegal, but they were paid enough by the completion that they were willing to do that. Professional Corporate Assassins.

However, toward the end, I walked into their crooked lawyer, and told him, “You screwed the inventor too soon. I showed you how to invent many photonic components, but I didn’t show you how to hook them together.” He turned white as a sheet!

Now some time has passed, and they still haven’t come out with a Photonic Computer. They think they are so smart. Where’s the results? Where’s my $12 million, not-to-mention my royalties?

So here’s what I’ve decided to do: They dumped my inventions into the public domain, by not paying the patent fees. Ok, so I will dump in the public domain, by this publication, all the other things needed to build Photonic Computers running 300,000 times faster than their best electronics. Sure they’ll, finally then, know how to do it, and even make a reasonable profit.

But they’ll also have a pile of completion,

because nobody wants to buy a slow computer, and back in 1999 it was a half-trillion dollar worldwide market!

Ha Ha Ha!

So here it goes:

by Dr. John N. Hait
25 pages, e-book
2013 E-book Edition.
Price = $99.00 USD

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