Introductory Comment:
The Remaining Big Scientific Questions

Introduction to Easy Advanced Science and this method of teaching.

    By the early 21st century, science had accomplished a lot, yet there were a number of important questions that remained unanswered. In fact, they were building up like water behind a fractured damó waiting to be released. This occurred because many of them depended on some very basic assumptions that needed correction, then they would come loose in an avalanche of logical, reasonable and satisfying explanations. Explanations of how Everything in the Universe actually works.

    That is exactly what has happened. With the discovery of the pseudorandomness of nature, all of a sudden the door opened wide to many exciting discoveries. Many of these you will discover first, here on this website. And even more, their easy-to-understand explanations are presented in poetry, the most ancient method of enhancing our memories. And itís fun too!

What were those things that baffled scientists for so long?

Quantum Gravity:

  • What is movement and how does it operate?
  • What makes gravity work, and causes things go in orbit?
  • Why does gravity nearly always attract and not repel?
  • How do we make Antigravity?
  • How do we do Warp Speed?
  • What quantizes gravity, and how does it work?
  • How can we make our measurements more accurate, and at the same time, more relevant to how things really work?
  • How can we unify all science into a comprehensive Theory Of Everything (TOE) with proof of the pseudorandom (deterministic, cause-and-effect, sequential) behavior of the most basic machinery of the Universe?
  • How does this knowledge fit into our everyday lives?


  • Why canít we go faster than light?
  • Whatís really happening inside Black Holes?
  • Deriving E=mc2 easily.
  • How to accomplish light-speed computing.

In Green Science:

  • How can we fix solar power so it doesn't run down at sundown?
  • How can we be comfortable without fouling the Earth?
  • How to use solar, wind and wave power effectively and efficiently.

In life science:

  • Why hasnít evolution already been proven beyond any doubt?
  • Why do practical questions linger?
  • What are the physics behind evolution?
  • How does the machinery of life really work?
    But rather than skipping immediately to your favorite, you will find that each one builds on the knowledge taught in the previous one. So please start at the top, you will enjoy the ride. They arenít too long or difficult to understand, even youngsters will enjoy the ride.

by John N. Hait

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