Whatís Really in the Middle of
a Black Hole?

This poem teaches how Black Holes are constructed of resonant fields, and corrects some misunderstandings about them.


1 Einstein first propounded it
Called it Singularity.
Where his numbers came out wrong
And fouled his Relativity.

2 He said his calculations
Of gravity went so bad,
They came out as infinity,
In everything he had.

3 But folks refused to listen close.
They only heard, but not agree,
Then came up with a big Black Hole
And super gravity.

4 They said that light could not escape,
Not even one photon.
This big Black Hole: a magic sponge
What went in was quickly gone.

5 But thereís no such thing that's like it
With such super gravity.
It would have sucked-in the whole universe,
And every thing we see.

6 Yes itís strong, but not so much.
It traps what goes inside,
By shredding and digesting it.
Tears atoms with its tide.

7 Astronomers have looked around,
And found one near our home,
In the center of our Milky Way,
So strong we cannot roam

8 So there is some truth to it,
Although itís not as bad,
As Einstein first had thought it was,
Which turned his figures mad.

9 But why would it turn out this way?
What makes it spin so strong,
That even tiny atoms
Canít escape its force for long?

10 Around and around it swiftly spins
At near the speed of light.
Dragging everything near it
Faster and faster to their plight.

11 But some of the myths still persist.
Like imagining if one falls
Into its mouth what happens,
When one passes through its walls.

12 They say one would be stretched out long
In some hellish nightmare play.
Where time would stop, dimensions slop
Well at least, that is what they say.

13 Butó
If everything is always, ripped to tiny shreds
I'm sure their theory can't be right!
For, theyíre no longer even atoms,
They must be absorbed like light.

14 There is no hellish nightmare.
It just becomes a part
Of internal Black Hole fields
That set the Hole apart.

15 So as this energy becomes
Absorbed within its core,
It no longer has relations
With whatever it was before.

16 The shape, this Hole,
Will probably be, a funnel or a disk
Thatís spinning at the speed of light
Inside is all of it.

17 So whatís inside the middle,
At the center of its core?
As energy spins round and round,
We really can explore.

18 As in the case of atoms,
Spherical refraction is the way.
It concentrates the energy,
So nothing goes astray.

19 Later Stephen Hawking found
Singularity at their core
Even in small atoms
Theyíre just energy, nothing more.

20 Since resonance governs all such things
The Black Hole with its many rings,
Must circulate around one spot,
Where nothing is, for it cannot,

21 Be anywhere but only in
Its shells around, but not within.

So the answer is quite clear,
Though Einstein thought it all so queer.

22 So now we know whatís in that core.
Weíve solved that Black Hole riddle.
Theyíre like a toilet paper roll.
Thereís nothing in the middle.

23 Thatís why his math went bonkers,
Though his formulae still were great,
Without an input theyíre no use,
Thereís nothing to calculate.

24 Isnít it kind of nice to know,
Itís logical and makes sense?
This universe, and how it works.
All gone is the suspense.

by John N. Hait


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