Why does gravity (nearly) always attract?

This poem explains what makes things move in orbit, and why it is nearly always an attractive force. Which is not explained elsewhere.


1 So now we know what makes things go
In orbits round and round
Itís the phase shift in each tiny field
That warps it out of round

2 And thus the whole thing resonates
Not at, but next to it
And thus it causes movement
When it shifts a little bit

3 Thus, satellites will move themselves
As the background fields permit
The shape of which depends upon
The mass which projects it

4 And also how much out of round
Which gives it constant speed
To balance in its orbit
So it can proceed

5 But why is it always pulling
And not a pushing be?
Because it gimbals round to point
At the strongest gravity

6 When itís mechanically unstable
And itís free to flip around
Into an attractive configuration
Where it stays once it has found

7 So that takes care of Gravity
We now know why of course
Itís an attraction rather than
A repulsive kind of force

8 No one could find an answer
Trapped in "Uncertainty"
Ďcause the answer wasnít in there
Of this we all agree

9 Itís so logical and easy
Now with Resonant Fields
We look around, and finally found
What our effort finally yields

Neat isnít it!

by John N. Hait


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