This poem explains how to produce true Antigravity.
Information which is not available elsewhere!


1 Gravity affects all things
It moves things great and small
But mostly by attracting them
By gimbaling you recall

2 But Einstein found a place
That works the other way
By its hidden repelling force
It changes what things weigh

3 The fields that interconnect round things
Like atoms and the like
Are called bonding shells
That really make things light.

4 It isnít very strong you see
Itís not nuclear for strength
But it spreads its effect
Along thingís entire length

5 The important thing thatís different
Ďtween these and other fields
Is that they are no longer round
But fit the shape from where it yields

6 That gives us here a secret clue
To find out how we can
Make antigravity for real
A sure and vital plan

7 It tells us that the shape of things
Affects their gravity
And gives us that most secret clue
Why itís attraction that we see

8 So all we have to do to make
A mass to fly about
Is turn its atoms upside down
While holding them real stout

9 You cannot let them gimbal
You mustnít let them spin
With this new configuration
Then antigravity can begin.

Simple isnít it!

by John N. Hait


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