AC Money, made simple

There exist some things we learned in school that just ainít necessarily so. Time to update.


1 Some things they taught us
      while in school
Just turn out wrong today
Sometimes itís called progress
Or they though it was ok

2 Oneís the generation of electricity
By using an AC motor
It works not like a generator
But it has a synchronous rotor

3 The trick is just to hook it up
To the commercial line
To start it running fast
Then give it a little time

4 It usually makes the lights go dim
As it draws the power down
Then add force in that direction
To make it faster going around

5 They called it ďBack EMFĒ
We learned in electronics shop
So we can make good use of it
So our income will not stop

6 Watch the meter running backwards
As it goes back in the line
In perfect sync with all the voltage
Which controls it all the time.

7 Use alternative means of power
To your bills you say farewell
Have a deal with your supplier
So they can pay you well

More power to ya!
Cute huh!

PS Using an AC motor as a synchronous alternator requires connection to the grid. If you do not do that, you can remove the electric system from a junked auto, and run a 12 volt DC system. And if you need AC, you can use an inverter available at many auto stores.

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-28-2010