A Place No Man Has Seenó Yet

This poem has a riddle
For you to contemplate
I hope youíll understand it
Before it is too late.


It will be nicer than this place is right now

1 There is a place no man has seen
In our Solar System ó big
Can you guess where this might be?
You might go there. Can you dig?

2 Itís a 186-million-miles from here
If you could go in a straight line
But you canít, for always in the way
The Sun stands all the time

3 Itís two Astronomical Units
But we must fly around
So itís nearly 472 Gigameters
Figuring that can sure confound

4 Venus is about half-a-unit from our sun
Mecury 1/4, while Mars is 2 you see
That puts us in the middle
Just right for you and me

5 Jupiterís not 4 but 8
With Saturn at 16
Itís quite a neighborhood we have
But where weíre at itís green That hidden place

6 This place is in Earthís orbit
But on the other side
So no man has ever seen there
Since, behind the Sun it hides

7 However, you will like it
Itís also a fine spot
Itís comfortable for life and us
Youíll love it lots and lots

8 But if you get there just on time
Youíll really want to stay
Because it is so beautiful
To come home to every day It will be paradise to come home to

9 It has another quality
That folks donít talk about
Itís how we set our calendar
As we do without a doubt

10 We take as our example
The way we laid things out
To keep time for our travels
As we live and move about

11 If you come to Saipan
Youíll land ďa day aheadĒ
As you cross the Date Line going West
From Hawaii where you've tread How to go ahead in time

12 Could you go a year in time
By flying to this planet fine?
For it must have with it
The Annual Date Line

13 What a fine place it is
To put a second Earth
We might find that we can some day
If we live long enough from birth

14 There is a way to do that
But I cannot tell you here
Unless youíre at my party
With some pizza and a beer My party will be here, in the year 2202 ó Be there!

15 I already have scheduled it
For 2202
But you will have to speak to me
Directly for your brew

16 Ďcause I know how to be there
Itís not as silly as you think
Iíve planned it now for several years
Both the pizza and the drink

17 Just a little riddle
To keep you on your toes
To find out something interesting
Itís amazing where life goes.

by John N. Hait


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Update 1-26-2010