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Proposal to Create a Global Industry

Dr. John N. Hait, Autobiography, Chapter 1

Correcting Heisenberg
The Fault that will cause an Earthquake in Quantum Mechanics!

Higgs Boson, The God Particle

Learn Advanced Alternative Energy
  • Saving the Planet
    while making a profit

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    Distilling Clean Drinking Water at Room Temperature
  • Making Drinking Water
      from Seawater
      at Room Temperature!

  • Critical Questions Answered:

    Critical Science Questions Finally Answered

    This new under-standing of how everything works answers a number of age-old questions that are critical to our understanding of the universe. Click here for a list of subjects discussed.


    Green Alternative Energy:

    New, fundamental knowledge is vital in the practical design and operation of the needed solutions to today’s critical problems. Some of the more important ones are examined on

    Get Rust Power, now

    1. How to Recycle Scrap Metal into   Electricity. Rust Power! The new     alternative energy.

    Go Really Green Now

    2. How to design a home with a BUILT-IN (always comfortable) TEMPERATURE, using Passive Annual Heat Storage, the most efficient use of "green energy" with zero carbon footprint.

  • Many alternative energy, and conservation projects are available through our Online Science Lessons, including: Get Free Science Lessons, now
  • Solar electric that doesn’t run down at sun down;
  • How to distill seawater at room temperature;
  • How to purify large quantities of water with minimum energy;
  • How to build a Garden Dome;
  • How to earn tax-free money by beautifying and cooling your home naturally;
  • How to build your own island.
    How to BUILD your own island using Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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  • Darwin's Sex Life!     FREE Poem.

    Advanced Science Poetry
  • Science teaching made easy in poetry!  The oldest and most effective memory aiding method. Excellent for younsters.

    Because it's fun too!

    Exciting Science
    for fun and profit.

    Get The working Theory of Everything now Historic Announcement:

    The Final Theory of Everything — that fusion of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics that scientists have struggled to produce for the past 80 years — that Einstein himself died trying to perfect— IS FINALLY COMPLETE and AVAILABLE here!

    It's called the RESONANT FIELD THEORY, Check it out!
    Now, it really is easy-to-understand.

    This scientific breakthrough came when John N. Hait (Chief Science Officer of All Optical Networks, and inventor of the world’s fastest transistor, and thus the wold's fastest computer,) performed certain laser experiments that revealed errors in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle— the backbone of Quantum Mechanics. Correcting these has provided both Relativity and corrected Quantum Mechanics with a common foundation, opening the door to uniting these two great areas of physics, with a clearer understanding of “everything,” including field-to-field interactions, how energy-objects (like atoms) move, antigravity, and the holy grail of 21st century science -- Quantum Gravity. (It's easy once you finally figure it out!)

    This was coupled with his discovery of, and proof of— the pseudorandomness of the deep reality of nature and how it manufactures the Fundamental Mechanism of Physics— Resonant Fields— which make up everything. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

    Details of this critical new understanding of how “Everything” works are provided in two ebooks, plus advanced detailed lectures by Prof. Hait himself, as available.

    Get The Einstein Code now

    Energy flow patterns in everything, define, individualize, and empower each type of matter, light, and even gravity. These patterns are called “Einstein Codes,” and are described in Prof. Hait’s ebook of the same name.

    The complete Theory of Everything, the Resonant Field Theory, is detailed in the 512 page text ebook entitled "Resonant Fields: the Fundamental Mechanism of Physics, made easy to understand."

    Both of these publications are now available to the public on this website.

  • The Inventor’s Commentary on New Things Learned

  • The fastest computing technology. 100,000 times faster than a 2 ghz Pentium
    Uses Laser Light to replace electricty and holograms to replace computer chips.

    Many more Critical Questions are answered like:
    1. How Resonant Fields derive Einstein’s E=mc2;
    2. What’s Really in the Middle of a Black Hole;
    3. Why things can’t go faster than the speed of light;
    4. What is “movement” and what mechanism makes things move;
    5. What is Newton’s “action at a distance”, and by what mechanism does gravity work;
    6. How to build a working Theory of Everything.

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