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  ID #1111: Kalamazoo, Michigan:

HECO, Inc. Industrial Service Groups, Reliability driven by experience
3509 South Burdick Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Office: (269) 381-7200 Toll Free: 1-800-432-2645, Fax: (269) 381-0099, Mobile: (269) 377-7359
www.hecoinc.com, www.TracRat.com, jhatfield@hecoinc.com

We have pricing that is very competitive for multiple motor manufacturers. We would relish any opportunity to help save companies and/or individuals 10% or even higher off of advertised, list prices.
Thank You,
Justin T. Hatfield
Director of Customer Service and Marketing

ID#=005: Brumby Pumps, Australia

name=Tom Kress
Comment=Invited by Dr Hait. Interesting website and ideas. Thank you

    Thanks for your interest.

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