Making Money or Wasting Money
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What to do and what not to do:
  The oil companies are wasting a lot of their money trying to make coal, oil, and even natural gas give up its energy without producing carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas. Why is it a waste? Because there are far cheaper and less dangerous ways to make electricity, and you can even build one yourself to get in on the profits!

  You could invest in those huge monstrosity windmills that are 300 feet high, and cost $1.3 million each, with expensive Turbine Cowboys to climb-up and maintain them. While they only capture 5-7% of their swept areas, leaving the rest of the winds energy to just blow between their blades!

  Or you could throw your money into Solar Cells, that are usually only 15% efficient at converting sunlight into money!

Why do they do that?
  The big energy companies sponsor these intentional inefficiencies to discredit Alternative Energy in a failing effort to save their butts in an era of global warming!

How YOU can earn Free Money from Energy you can produce:
  There is a better way, and you can get in on it, and make a good living while you retire, relax, have a beer, and put your energy to better things.

  Lets start with the wind. Free energy, and thus free money, is readily available from the wind, which blows 40 feet above most places where people (you) live or near-by. All you need is to build a more efficient FloppyMill to capture it, a big AC motor to generate the electricity, and a deal with the local power company to pay you each month for the power you generate. (Theres a U.S. Federal law that says they have to buy it!)

  Thats what I said, an AC motor, a big one. Yea, I know they told us in electronic school that you cant generate electric power with an AC motor. They were wrong!

  Have you ever started up your electric saw out in your garage? When it first starts up, what do the lights do? They dim until the saw is up to speed, then they come back on bright again. Why? Its called back EMF that is then produced when it gets up to speed. And its automatically in sync with the 60 cycle line.

  What if you then add free Alternative Energy, to make the motor go a little faster? The back EMF generates power backwards into the line, and your electric power meter goes backwards!

  Since that subtracts from the reading, its like the power company were buying the power youve produced at retail rates!   Naturally, they dont like that. So they provide a special meter, with ratchets, so it records what you use on one read-out (retail,) and what you generate on another read-out, (wholesale.) Federal law requires them to buy what you produce. They take both readings, and one they send you a bill for, and the other they send you a check for. Cool huh!

Why are they cooperative?
  Because if you build FloppyMills for people, like in electrofied Los Vegas, you become their competitor selling electricity a little less than they do, while they still have to supply the hook up, and the back-up power generation.

  Back in the 80s I visited a man in Eastern Washington State with a homemade hydroelectric plant (440 volt, 200 kw) like Ive just described, and he made over a quarter million dollars each year. And all he had to do was to oil it now and then, and sit back and drink beer!

Earth-compatible Alternative Energies:

Hydroelectric and Wave Power:
  It takes a 50 to 100 foot head (drop of continuous water flow,) to generate that much continuous electricity. Can you lease a mountain stream, or flow in a near-by river?

  Ocean waves never stop, can you get a beach, or build your own island to catch those valuable waves? Then build a sprinkler type jet turbine to run your secondhand AC motor faster.

  Does the Sun shine where youre at? Why not use Reflective Shingles to concentrate the Suns energy, stored in the ground as artificial Geo-Thermal Energy to generate energy when its most valuable? Can you beg, borrow, or lease some inexpensive desert land to earn you a continuous living?

  And Ive told you about wind power. Will they pay you more if generation occurs during times of peak usage? If so, pump water when the wind blows, up into a water tower. Then take water out to generate valuable electricity at those valuable times. And have a beer!

  Are you a city that already has a water tower? Why isnt it earning you more money than it does just sitting there? Or if you live in a city that has one, why not make it generate and split the income? Do you think the taxpayers would like that?

  It all produces MONEY! And retirement, and beer! Put in the effort now, and relax with the profits from then on.

  Do you own a feed lot? Are you now wasting all that free money? Why not have the cows eat on one end, deposit manure on a conveyer belt from the other, and give milk in the middle. I saw it work in Minnesota way back in the 50s. Its carbon-neutral because the hay breaths in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than sucking it out of the ground. (You can sell the compost too.)

  Read the rest of my articles and find out how you can do it, and even retire within a year so you can do more important things, like beer.

  Then, why dont I do one? Im old, handicapped, and live in an old folks home. But the food is good, so I do what I can for you and the planet.

    Thanks for your interest.

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  Dr. Hait has been a licensed commercial electronic engineer since 1965.