20 Ways to make money on your island:



  1. Charge a small fee for visitors.

  2. Sell unusual items they can’t get elsewhere:

    1. NFRC Island Segments.

    2. Working models of your Floppy-Mill.

    3. Kits for a Floppy-Mill.

    4. Model of your dome.

    5. NFRC Dome or other shell structure for use on their island.

    6. Models of your dome, or other shell structures.

    7. Kits for a working Room Temperature Still

    8. Things made of Recycled Bottles, like Mae West life preservers.

    9. Items selected from www.bonanza.com, like coconut plam trees they have.

    10. Unusual island-grown fruits.

    11. Fibers for NFRC.

    12. Tools for working with NFRC.

    13. How-To DVDs of your project.

    14. Another Island.

    15. Lunch, from island-grown food.

    16. Ethanol, fuel, and drink from plants you grow.

  3. Alternative Energy Electricity Generated On Your Island

  4. Rotomolded floating island segments made from plastic from the sea.


    When you are skilled making NFRC domes, consider that you could make and sell, "Beautiful Forms" right there on your island.

    Tornados, Hurricanes, and Forest Fires cause considerable damage each year. But if structures were earth-sheltered more than likely, they’d be safe, and their owners could be safe inside. However, building earth-sheltered structures can be expensive. But then again so is the destruction, not to mention the damage done to their insurance company.

    I can’t imagine why anyone in the danger zone would live in an ordinary home. What’s more, the insurance company would only have to pay once to rebuild.

    But with your new skill in making NFRC domes, with the help of a structural engineer with a Finite Element Analysis computer program, you could make and sell Beautiful Forms for earth-sheltered domes without digging a hole in the ground. The Beautiful Form is a NFRC shell structure that is strong enough to pour on it, 4-inches of regular reinforced concrete, and then pile sod with grass over the top, so they’d be protected during a storm, what’s more you could include Passive Annual Heat Storage, and have a home that could pay for itself.

    Cement forms are not covered by the building inspector. That’s the engineer’s job. And, they’d be shippable too.

    The final earth-shelter could be built right where the destroyed home was, and use the present utilities. Put the destroyed home in the wood stove.Think of the future insurance they could save.

    If one owned what’s left of a trailer court, he could rent them out.

    They are called Beautiful Forms, because you don’t remove them. They form the inside of the home, which stays there. You just paint them. It makes a quick, easy, and low cost way to build a safe and secure concrete, earth-protected home.

    You could really be of assistance to those ravaged areas. Watch the news and think of your market too.

    To those who insist on living in mobile homes, you could build floats to add to their homes, to protect them during a food. Think of the insurance they could then save.

    You’d have many markets. Your island could really be a money-maker.

    Thanks for your interest.

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