How to lay out and build a Froggy:
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Please Consider These Neat Points, Illustrated Introduction (Update 3-20-12)

The Froggys parts are mostly ellipsoids. That is, they can be measured from ellipses. Well start with the Froggys body, E1, in the first illustration.

Build 2 temporary solid, wooden measuring stands, having at least 3 1x2 legs, so they dont fall over. They are both the same height, h1 & h2, adjustable to raise and lower the entire ellipse E1, which changes the size of the floor, that is, where the flat lily pad is. They align the two measuring foci, f1 & f2, making two distances d1 & d2. Set the height of h1 & h2, to be any convenient height you wish, to set the size of the floor you will have. The distance between f1 and f2 determine the height of the ceiling. Adjust that in accordance with your particular Froggy.

Thin NFRC handles both tension and compression so it will be both strong enough to be self-supporting, and light enough for your floating lily pad to hold up in the water. However, you may have to add floats, if it starts to sink. Watch it.

d1 + d2 is always the same. The Sliding Measuring Stick is a piece of wood with a hole in it so the measuring string can slide through. d1 & d2 are a single measuring string tied only at f1 & f2. The string d1 + d2 slides through the hole in the Sliding Measuring Stick and is not otherwise tied to it. Thus the distance d1+ d2 remains the same even when d1 and d2 change while measuring the Froggys body, E1.

Push the chicken wire frame so that it follows the ellipse E1. When this is done, place NFRC on this chicken wire, leaving gaps where the other ellipses intersect (see the 2nd illustration.) If d2 = 25 feet, and d1 = 4 feet, the ellipse E1 will be 25 + 4 = 29 feet wide. Just big enough to live in. And if d1 + d2 = 32 feet. The Froggys whole body will be 32 feet wide. Get it?

Adjust these sizes to suit your particular froggy. Hold the chicken wire in place stapled to temporary wooden supports. After the NFRC has been cured, they can be removed as the froggy will be self-supporting.

Make sure there are no sharp edges where the ellipsoids intersect.

First, lay the whole Froggy plans out on square ruled paper, so you can measure it to scale, and determine all sizes from it.

Place a painter's drop cloth over the whole froggy outsite to help cure the NFRC, and spray the inside with water each day for a week, until the NFRC has cured. Don't let it dry out, for that week. (Read everything I've written for you.)

After the NFRC has cured and dried out, you can paint it, both inside and out, with exterior latex paint. Depending on the paint you choose, you may have to coat the exterior with a sealant, such as a clear driveway sealant, to make it waterproof. Some clear driveway and/or basement sealants can be colored, so it all goes on with less work. Then move in with a smile, and have a beer.

In illustration 2, there are 4 ellipses shown for NFRC. Adjust their sizes to suit your froggy, body, head, and 2 eyes. The 2 eyes will have ellipse shaped windows, usually made of plastic. If you wish, you can paint black irises on these windows, for looks. Use your imagination.

However under the head is a door. Not a square one as is usual. It will be stronger without the usual square corners, but place a half circle on the top, so the internal forces can go easily around the door. You can make the door itself of NFRC, dont forget the hinges and latch.

Legs outside are just for looks. They are not ellipsoids, so you can just eyeball them as you wish.

If you wish, leave ties for growing food on the ceiling. You can put your bed in the head, or if you wish, place hooks for your windlass that raises your bed out of the way in the daytime.

You may also wish to have ventilation and electric power. Place that where you wish. And while the NFRC and paint are curing and drying, dont forget to make your furniture. Leave connections for anything that is to be built in.

Hang in there, youre almost done. If you wish, bring in sand for the floor, and build the Floppy Mill outside for electricity. Don't forget the restroom and a solar heated hot tub. Plant your fruits and veggies, get a chicken or two. Dont forget to build some chicken coops that fit the decor outside.

Then relax, retire, and put yourself to better pursuits. Sure, other folks will think you're crazy, but in the end, you'll be retired on your own lily pad that supplies all your physical needs. And they'll still be working!

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