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Grow your own home. Many homes are covered with vines. They provide a lovely natural environment, and theyre naturally air conditioning. Why dont you live in one? How much could you save if you did?

All you need is someplace to build, (even your own homemade tropical island,) a geodesic trellis, (a dome frame covered with chicken wire,) water, a restroom, and a couple of chickens. All of this you can provide yourself with the help of the right vines.

One of the fastest ways to build is with wood. However, NFRC should work well too.

The right vines can not only provide good shelter, but food too. How much would you save each month if your room and board were free? With the help of a FloppyMill it could also provide both income and electricity.

Saipan has lots of the right vines, and
its 84 F. all yearIm ready.

30 A struts & 20 B struts
How to build a garden dome





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