Jet Turbine
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Sprinklers work, don’t they? If you increase the driving pressure, make a more practical rotating connection, and direct the fluid better, you have an inexpensive, easy-to-build, jet turbine.

Since Newton’s Law is simplified to Force = Mass x Acceleration – Resistance, this design has very little resistance, certainly less than those big expensive turbines they think you need.

You may have to build a splash box to catch the fluid, but according to Newton, all of the force which exits the jets, applies in the opposite direction to the turbine, and it spins like mad. It doesn’t need a transmission either.

However, it needs to be balanced, like a car tire, and the bearings need to be able to handle the speed.

It works with any fluid, water or air included.

In most cases it can be made from PVC plastic pipe you can get at your local hardware store.

The sizes depend on your installation and use. So test a few and see how they work.

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