An Electric Jet
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A simple device that has many functions.

Take a close look at the illustration. What do you see? If the wind is blowing in the left side, it is first ionized, and by means of the magnetic field, its decelerated and deionized at the output.

Whats the result?

Will it not generate electricity from the wind, and very efficiently at that, because it has no moving parts.

If the input ionization, and the magnetic field use AC, will it not generate synchronized AC just like when the AC motor on your table saw in your garage gets up to speed, and the lights come back on? Its called Back EMF. If you add energy, will not the Back EMF become greater than the Forward EMF running your power meter backwards?

Will it not be synchronized with the AC input? Now there exists the possibility that it may be difficult to reach 60 cycles. But it works.

Of course, you have to add energy, thats what the wind is for.

Now lets slide the coil slightly. Will it not become an accelerator of the air inside, similar to what NASA currently uses in space, but with air input? What does that make it?

A high-speed jet!

A very high-speed jet!

Simple huh? And can be made of PVC sewer pipe.

How high speed? Such accelerators are used by scientists to accelerate particles to near the speed of light. Isnt air made of particles.

How fast would that propel a race car? Remember Newton?

What are the advantages of an Electric Jet.

    1. They dont produce CO2 greenhouse gas.
    2. The batteries can be charged using free Alternative Energy.
    3. They are light weight.
    4. They are easy and inexpensive to build.
    5. Your design can be tested first in your garage, and 2nd on your back street.
How does it work? Air and water drops enter on the left. They are ionized so they will react to a magnetic field. A pulsating electric field is timed by positioning the coils along the plastic pipe.

When positioned right the output can be very rapid. Use a piece of paper or other means to check flow. (Dont use your hand!)

When you got it working, put it on a go cart and let her rip. (Dont forget to wear a helmet.) But if you put such a device on a jet aircraft, powered by batteries, it wouldnt produce greenhouse gases. And the cost would surly be much less than a rotating turbine.

Start small, and prove the concept. Its worth a bundle to Boeing.

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