Sailing Into the Wind
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Itís possible to sail into the wind. Fun too.

      Sure a sail boat can go about 45į into the wind, and a few can go 10į, then they have to tack back and forth. But itís possible to go straight into the wind, and have races doing it.

      A simple windmill connected to the drive wheels, or propeller of a boat, can theoretically travel at one half the velocity of the wind, into the wind. But itís difficult to race that way.

      Regular windmills are clumsy and heavy for racing, because youíd go in a big circle, and a big portion of that is into the wind. So itís better if your machine can accept energy from any direction. You can do that with a vertical shaft mill. But of the 2 popular methods, the cut barrel style is big and heavy, and the egg beater doesnít capture enough wind.

      So how do we design a better one?

      We start with a vertical shaft on a bearing connected to the drive wheels, with controls as needed. You can do this with an old VW transaxle.

      Then at least two paddles are placed about 10 feet up with a horizontal shaft, with bearings, to hold the 2 paddles of a FloppyMill.

      If you hang the paddles at right angles to each other, then one will be blown down into the wind, and the one on the other side of the main axel will be blown up out of the wind. As a result much more force will twist the main axil one direction, while less force in the other direction.

      The two paddles will aid each other to work with the wind, no matter which direction is comes from, by the twisting of the horizontal shaft. When the down one comes around the other side, itís blown up, and the up one, is blown down. And it really goes.

      Hooked to a vehicle, it will go fast no matter what direction the wind is, even into the wind.

      If you have a round track, like horses race on, you can race them, and have a lot of fun. But make sure you buggy has roll bars, because the driver needs to be safe.

      See http://www.PioneerEnergy.info .


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