How To Build Your Own Island of inexpensive NFRC
+ Grow your own home!
+ How to simplify your life, and get get paid just to live there, and more!

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Please Consider These Neat Points, Illustrated Introduction (Update 3-20-12)

Ultimate Living

Are You Making Money or Wasting Money?

Why build a Green Island of Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC?) 60 plus, good reasons!
(Update 3-2-12)

20 Ways to make money with your island

Crazy Houses with Video

Free Saftey Info:
    Safety of your island, things to think about.

Free Information:
  1. My Tests with Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC)

  2. 30 Workable Ideas

  3. My first Experience with Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC)

  4. One way to earn funds for your own island, from home

  5. How to RETIRE while you're still young enough to enjoy it, while helping the Planet too!

  6. Calculating Flotation

Free How-To Lessons on thin Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC):

  1. Do It Yourself NFRC

  2. Practical Tips in Building

  3. Build your own big Floating Island Lily Pad, inexpensively, (Update 3-29-12)

  4. Build your own big live-in Froggy on your Lily Pad, inexpensively, (Update 3-29-12)

  5. Build your own Floating Island, inexpensively, Checklist

  6. Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC) (Update 3-21-12), inexpensive solid construction

  7. Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete, inexpensive Learning Project {pictures unfinished yet}

  8. How to build your own Floating Island of Hefty Garbage Sacks, inexpensively

  9. How to hook plastic Hefty Sacks to NFRC

  10. How to Form your NFRC Island Hex Modules.

  11. How to Form Your Island Dome Home.

  12. How to Form NFRC floats.

  13. How to Test and Form NFRC. (Update 2-29-12)

  14. Alternatives with Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC) (Update 2-29-12)

  15. How to measure and build your own froggy

  16. Forming Complex Itemssuch as NFRC Furniture

  17. Research You Can Do

Making a Self-Sustained Environment, free info

    Grow a Living Home    
  1. Gardening on your Island

  2. How to Grow a Living Home.

  3. Composting, the Teaching Process

 Miscellanious Free Information

  1. Anchoring your Island

  2. Alternatives in Island Building (Update 2-29-12)

  3. Green Bottles can build your own Floating Island, and earn a living too

  4. Distill Seawater into Fresh Drinking Water, at room temperature inexpensively

  5. Water, water, everywhere, now finally a drop to drink-- An improved way to Distill Seawater

  6. Air and Money from your island

  7. Wind Power !

  8. Floppy Mill (windmill,) that earns money for you on land or sea!

  9. Wave Power !

  10. Spectacular Wave Energy !

  11. Simple Wave-Powered Air Compressor

  12. Hydro Power !

  13. Storing Island Solar Power !

  14. Other kinds of Power !

  15. Over 100 Uses for Inexpensive Plastic Sheeting


  17. Spiral Island Discussion

  18. Terraform the Earth into a Desert Oasis

  19. Passive Annual Heat Storage, earth sheltering, & French Retrofit

      Build a Solar-Electric System that doesnt rundown at sundown {under construction}
      Build a super-efficient Alternative Energy Alternator {under construction}

Short Free Comments:

  1. Setting Goals, (read this first)

  2. How to really simplify your life

  3. Fun with Unusual Homes

  4. Free Electricity on Land or Sea you can sell to the Power Company

  5. The Windlass & Moving Your Island

  6. Dome Skylights

  7. Tsunami Protection

Free ebook:

  1. Save the Planet, while making a profit .pdf

Helping Others (free):

  1. Helping the Pacific Ocean

  2. Helping Japan and Other Disaster Victims

  3. Helping Haiti and Mongolia

  4. Helping the Global Economy & yourself too

  5. Where my dream started:

Free Poetry:

  1. Darwin's Sex Life

  2. Learning Science Made Easy with Poetry

  3. New Things Learned

  4. Fun Poems

Free Extra Articles:

  1. Yurts in the Mother Earth News (Update 3-3-12)

  2. Free Science Lessons

  3. Critical Science Questions Answered

  4. Photonic Computing the ultimate in supercomputing

  5. More Advanced Science

  6. The Higgs Boson, The God Particle

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You could build a whole village of floating NFRC.

Meet the Scientist
Meet the Scientist

Ebooks For Sale:

  1. How to Recycle Scrap Metal Into Electricity

  2. How to Finish Einsteins Unified Field Theory (It's not as difficult as you might think)

  3. Breaking the Einstein Code

  4. Passive Annual Heat Storage, Improving the Design of Earth Shelters

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