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Index of Dr. Hait's Life Work
 How FREE Alternative Energy Powered Networks can benefit YOU and the Planet! 
Up date 6/30/2014
How to Build It Yourself, Inexpensively, and GET PAID for doing it.

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Folks need to make a profit in order to really help the planet.

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Meet the Author

I've made it easy, made it smart,
It's really up to you.
To help our planet, naturally,
I think its over due.

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Free Energy and Good Sense

Comment from the author

Global Green Monkey Networks How Things Can Work for YOU, By Dr. Hait Sure there's a lot to read, but it's worth it to you. Not all links have pictures.
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Start a Network of your own,
And retire very soon.
Choose An Alternative Energy Method
Green Monkeys help your pocketbook,
For the planet theyre a boon.

This Index of this Index,
Lists many ways to do.
An Alternative Energy DIY,
With "How To" Information too.

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 Working Models
 Green Monkeys
 How to Test & Adjust
 Annual Solar Electric
 Natural Geothermal
 Rust Power   Nuclear
 Inexpensive Research
 Trompe Power
 Projects to Build & Sell
 Passive Annual Heat Storage (PAHS)
 Day/Night Temperature Difference
 Automatic Solar Tracking
 Water Fun 
 Global Warming
 Floating Islands
 How YOU can help clean the Earth 
 Dealing with Moderate Waves
 What to do about Mosquitos
 General Building
 Pneumatic Robotics
 Atmospheric Energy
 Advanced Physics
 Just for Fun
 My Poetry
 Helpful Hints
 Potpourri of Miscellaneous
 Homemade Check Valves
 How to become a Pioneer
 Generating Unusual Electricity
 Practical Help for Disaster Victims

  Darwin's Sex Life

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All of my information is free, except those items marked "ebook."

Save   Save   Save while building a Network

    How to get 10% (or more) off the list price on purchases for your Alternative Energy Network when you signup for free.

  1. List of all Network Suppliers
  2. How to become a Network Supplier
Income   Income   Income Alternative Energy Networks:
Growing worldwide from little or nothing.
free info 1. Network Affiliates
2. Money-Making EV (Electric Vehicle) Recharging Networks:
    & Sales Oasis Rest Areas

3. Why a Green Monkey Network can EARN GOOD MONEY while growing worldwide

4. How the Network generates money and creats jobs, with:
  1. 12 or more Income Streams
  2. Many, Small EV Recharging Stations with Rest Areas free
  3. Free EV Recharging Promotion, Plus
  4. Royalties and Obligations, that grow your network worldwide.

  5. How to Start YOUR own Green Monkey Network
    Easy, Inexpensively, and become a Network Affiliate--FREE.

  6. FREE Sign up Really FREE. We don't say it's free, and then ask for your credit card number.
    We don't make any money until you make a lot more! If you don't make any money, neither do we. Not a dime!



  8. Requirements for complete EV Recharging Rest Areas
  9. How to build Inexpensive Electric Vehicles
  10. Why a Green-Monkey Network is Exciting News
    for a Progressive Oil Company too.
  11. Ad Pictures: Download what you wish
  12. How to Rotomold
  13. How to Convert a Bike to an EV with used parts

    Sell anything, you have the chance,
    To make a global splash.
    Built from the ground, you'll make it grow,
    Besides you need the cash.

free The Original, ebook free

Working Models:

(Working Models for all items are currently under construction)

  1. Earth Sheltering and PAHS education page
  2. FloppyMill Model
  3. Working High Efficiency Electric Generation
  4. Natural Blowhole Sea Side Model free free ebook freefree
  5. Geodesic Domes
  6. Bubble Pumps
  7. Floating Islands

    Many of these things are new
    And, many of them old
    I find them all of interest
    Some even can be sold.




How to Test and Adjust your Alternative Energy System

It works, so make it better.
You have the meter there.
Use it to fine tune all your work,
Because your effort's rare.


How to Clean Up the Earth:
1. Ocean Gyros

The oceans try to clean themselves,
They've gathered this for you.
So make it into something grand,
If you can take the cue.


Problems   Problems   Problems:
1. How to Deal with Problems that come up Mosquitos
2. Dealing with Moderate Waves

They buzz around your head at night,
Nothing 'bout them brings delight.
Except for birds they taste so good,
Now you have finally understood.

free Wind   Wind   Wind Networks:
For Electric Production, Selling the Energy, and other mechanical processes.
  1. How the FloppyMill works
  2. Building Your FloppyMill Income Generator
  3. Details on How the FloppyMill Operates
  4. How to ADJUST the wind paddles on your FloppyMill
  5. Homemade Wind Power
  6. Guy Wire Calculations
  7. Comment on Experience Building a Model (under construction)
  8. Building a Centrifugal Switch freefreefree
  9. Making the FloppyMill go FASTER
  10. Energy from the Wind, a Better Wind Synchronous Alternator
    and become a real Pioneer
  11. How to Build a Floppy-Mill, inexpensively for fun and profit
  12. How to build a real Money-Making Oasis
  13. Valuable Electricity On Land or Sea
  14. FloppyMill Amplifier
  15. Storing Wind Energy free free free
  16. Wind Powered Air Compressor
  17. How to Build a FloppyMill's Alternator
  18. How to WIN in Las Vegas!
  19. How to Sail Backwards
  20. Wind Powered Racing, into the Wind

    Leaves wiggle, flags fly,
    A hint you've missed the boat.
    Energy that you could capture,
    To keep yourself afloat.

for sale PAHS   PAHS   Passive Annual Heat Storage Networks:
    Using Free Energy and Natural Heat Flow to keep your Wigwam Warm all winter, and
    cool and comfortable all summer. It works! It maintains 74 F. year around, all by itself, even after 30 years.

  1. Earth Sheltering and PAHS education page
  2. The New PAHS 2.0 book, 2013 Revision (Now available, click picture)
  3. Improving the Design of Earth Shelters (original ebook) The Original, ebook
  4. The Beautiful Form
  5. Earth Shelters .com
  6. Passive Cooling
  7. Passive Dehumidification

  8. Green PAHS City, phase 1
  9. Green PAHS City, phase 2
  10. Green PAHS City, phase 3
  11. Thin Fiber Concrete
  12. Living Off the Grid The Original, ebook
  13. How to melt the snow off your walkway and driveway, without moving to Saipan
  14. Are You Still Working? When you could be retired, while helping the planet too?
  15. Mike Oehler Gives Meadow a Tour of His Original $500 Underground House
    (Thanks Mike)
  16. Underground Floor Experience

    This home's in Montana, primarily known,
    For its big sky and pork-barrel rockets.
    But one year was so cold, a politician I'm told,
    Had his hands in his very own pockets.

    He should have had a new PAHS home,
    Its warm without a fee.
    Its 74 all year around,
    As snug as snug can be.

Solar   Solar   Solar Networks:
Inexpensive, Powerful, 24/7

  1. Artificial, Solar-Powered Geothermal-Electric Alternator that doesn't rundown at sundown free free
  2. Artificial Geothermal
  3. Inexpensive Reflective Shingles
  4. Tracking the Sun
  5. Focusing Sunlight into a Beam
  6. Temperature vs Heat
  7. Heat Pipes
  8. Solar Heated Hot Tub free free free
  9. Sterling Solar
  10. Wind & Solar Pump




    free free The Sun shines bright, the Sun shines strong.
    We make it power all night long.
    The Earth will save it there for us,
    Without a sound or even fuss.

    We simply put it in the ground,
    freeAnd when the next morn comes around,
    It's worked for us the whole night through,
    It's waited there for me and you.




freeIndividual Mirrors are Focused Seperately Annual   Annual   Annual Solar-Electric Networks:

  1. Summer/Winter Heat-Storing Electric
  2. Heatpipes



    The Earth is fashioned annually
    With energy that's free
    We only have to use it right
    It's there for you and me


Wave   Wave   Wave Networks:

free Powerful, Never Ending, Usefulfree

  1. Spectacular Wave Power
  2. Wave Power 1
  3. Wave Power 2, Air Compressor 

  4. Wave Power 3 / with Brumby Pump
  5. Wave Ram freeimage
  6. Wave Powered Boat


    Waves are strong, they're easy too,
    freeimageTo capture energy.
    And generate an income,
    If you live by the sea.







Trompe   Trompe   Trompe Networks:
Make your own Blowhole without waves! Water Trompe works without mechanical moving parts

There's a funny word
Amazing, yes it is
A Trompe has been used for years
It works to make your biz

freefreefreeHydro   Hydro   Hydro Networks:
  1. Homemade Hydro and Wave Power
  2. Hydroelectric on a Budget, with a Simple, Homemade Turbine
  3. More on Jet Turbine
  4. How to build 2 kinds of plastic jet turbines


     Tesla Turbine of CDs









  5. Super Electric Jet


     free free

  6. How big should your jet nozzles be?

    Dams have great big turbines,
    That take a lot of dough.
    Enough to run a city,
    Now you are in the know.

     imagefree free
    A sprinkler waters all your lawn,
    It spins so nice and fast.
    If that one made your power,
    You'd have energy at last.


freeimageGeothermal   Geothermal   Geothermal Networks:
  1. Homemade Natural Geothermal Power

    Energy comes from the Earth,
    It blows out lots of steam.
    So they named it Geothermal,
    If you capture every stream.

free Tidal   Tidal   Tidal Networks:
  1. Homemade Tidal Power

    imageTides are really great big waves.
    Theyre powerful, just make them spew.
    They move a lot of water,
    Thats energy for you.





freefree free

Water   Water   Water Networks:

    Column stills are common in the oil industry, but they work with water too.
    Bottle it, Drink it, Sell it.
  1. How to Distill fresh WATER at Room Temperature.
  2. Bubble Pumps
  3. Hydraulic Ram
  4. How to PUMP with Day/Night Temperature differences.
  5. How to make DRINKING WATER SAFE with minimul energy use.
  6. How to build 2 kinds of plastic jet turbines
  7. Distilled Water + Electricity + Brine for your Shrimp you feed your Fish
    free to Tesla Valve
  8. Solar Brumby Water Pump
  9. Adjustable Toggle Valve
  10. How to Start a Fire with Water

    Water, water, everywhere,
    And not a drop to drink.
    But with a plastic column still,
    It'll keep you in the pink.









free freefree Day/Night Temperature Difference Networks
  1. Day/Night Temperature Difference Electric Generation
  2. Capturing Solar Temperature Differences w/ Automatic Solar Tracking
Solar Oscillation's there,
It's easy, simple, fit.
It works for sunflowers and daffodils,
imageimageAnd doesn't ever quit.









free free Fish   Fish   Fish Networks
    Sustainable Food Supply
  1. Mericulture, Sea Fish Farming, ANYWHERE

  2. Electric Fishing

    Grow your fish and grow your food,
    Its safer if you do.
    With free sunshine and the wind,
    It's really up to you.

free freefree

Ice   Ice   Ice Networks:

    The Unusual Resource
  1. How to Start a Fire with ICE
    and other neat things you can do with ice.
  2. A Solar Heated Igloo
  3. The Great San Diego Water Potato

    Ice is so nice, whether once, twice or thrice,
    Its amazing what we can do.
    If your land is cold, and the big draw is gold,
    This asset is really for you.


Global Warming Networks:

Turn Global Warming into an Asset
Make a form for NFRC
Build a new beach
That protects both you and me




Ethenol   Ethenol   Ethenol Networks:

    On a budget, even at sea
  1. Why ETHENOL is an Alternative Energy, even if you burn it and it makes CO2
  2. How to Distill ETHENOL at Room Temperature.
  3. How can you even make it 200 proof, pure?
  4. Squeezing More out of your Yeast
  5. Steam Hydraulic Engine


ebook ebook ebook

Rust Power   Rust Power   Rust Power Networks:
    The New Alternative Energy
  1. How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity (ebook)
  2. A Better Edison Cell

    Clean up the Earth of trash that's here,
    Sit back and even have a beer.
    This fuel is often free for you,
    And sell it to your neighbors too.

Island   Island   Island Networks:
    How to BUILD your own floating island, inexpensively, and big enough to live on.
  1. Why build with Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete?
  2. Reasons for Building your own Island
  3. Why build a Green Island of NFRC?
  4. Building your own Floating Island index
  5. Green Bottles (ebook)
  6. Green Bottle Floats
  7. Protecting your Home from Floods
  8. Inexpensive Anchors
  9. Gardening in Pots on your island free free
  10. Electric Gardening Link
  11. Teaching Composting
  12. Cleaning up the Environment with Rotomolding
  13. Do It Yourself, Thin Natural Fiber Concrete
  14. Forming NFRC Island Segments
  15. How to connect polyethylene plastic floats to NFRC
  16. NFRC Float Instructions free info free info
  17. Forming NFRC Domes
  18. Practical Tips
  19. Inexpensive Skylights
  20. The Fun of Unusual Homes
  21. Living Homes
  22. How to Build Your Own Live-in Big Froggy
  23. How to lay out and build a Froggy
  24. How to Build Your Own Floating Lily-Pad

    Have you ever really thought of it?
    It's not so dumb you see.
    It's not that hard and works real well,
    A home for you and me.

    free info
  25. Making your Island of Hefty Trash Bags
  26. Making your NFRC deck piece stiff
  27. Forming Complex Itemssuch as NFRC Furniture
  28. The Windlass & Moving Your Island
  29. Compressed Air for your Island

Building   Building   Building:
    Exciting, Unusual Projects free free
  1. Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete, index
  2. 2v Geodesic Dome
  3. Cement Cement Forms
  4. Alternatives with Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  5. Expansive and Waterproof Concrete
  6. Using Plastic Sheeting
  7. Terraforming the Earth
  8. The Sand Pump
  9. Doing the Impossible free"ebook image
  10. Solar Powered Air Conditioner (ebook)
  11. Unusual Shell Structures
  12. Growing from the Ceilings
  13. SeaCrete Construction
  14. How to Draw a Picture in Concrete
  15. Near Frictionless Bearing you can build yourself
  16. Wind Powered Vehicle, that will go Into The Wind
  17. How to DOUBLE your lifting strength, with only a rope.
  18. Using the Elements Provided
  19. Hot Dog Golf
  20. Flying Hydrofoil
  21. Rotating Restaurant

There are so many things to do,
They're practical and cute.
So here's instructions, follow through,
To make us all astute.

Nuke   Nuke   Nuke Networks:

    Cure for a Difficult problem
  1. Nuclear Reactor Improvments

    Many are the dangers,
    If we dig it from the earth.
    But put it back and make it deep,
    We'll see what it is worth.

Pneumatic Robotics   Pneumatic Robotics   Pneumatic Robotics
    1. Nimble, Safe, Practical

    Make it move and make it work,
    It's movie time you see.
    Make monsters and big ride-on toys,
    Delight for you and me.

free Atmospheric Energy    Atmospheric Energy   Atmospheric Energy
  1. Another Inexpensive Wind Alternator with NO moving parts--on a Balloon
  2. High Efficiency Electric Generation, Alternator
  3. Ducted High Efficiency Electric Wind Generator
  4. Dirigerable High Efficiency Alternator

    Atmospheric energy,
    It's there for all to use.
    Comes from the sky like magic,
    But be careful how you use.

Inexpensive Research You Can Do. imageimage
     Pictorial Suggestions
     Experiments to Try
     Experimental High Speed Turbine
     NEW Electrolytic Pump, E-Pump
     Experimental Solar-Hydro Generator 8
     Earth Electrolys & Electropalting


Research is a lot of fun
We learn from it you see
And put together lots of stuff
And much of it is free.



Projects You Can Build and Sell:

Projects can always make us go
If we can make them sell
We make them in our own spare time
And really make them swell

image image

    ebook freeAdvanced Physics   Advanced Physics   Advanced Physics:

      There are some questions, exciting things
      To learn what we can know
      We hope they finally will prove out
      To make us lots of dough

    1. Evolutionary Statistical Analysis and Sex
    2. Resonant Fields and Alternative Energy
    3. Einstein Code (ebook)
    4. Why do we see so many Stars and Galaxies
    5. Schrodingers Cat Understood and The Cats Pajamas
    6. Understanding Energy (ebook)
    7. Quantum Mechanical Correction (ebook)
    8. Fusion between Relativity and corrected Quantum Mechanics,
      The Theory of Everything, the Resonant Field Theory (ebook)
    9. How Gravity works (ebook) ebook free
    10. AntiGravity (ebook)
    11. The Electron Wiggler Laser (ebook)

    12. SuperComputing at the Speed of Light
    13. Research: Photonic Computer switches in 1 femtosecond by using 300 nm ultraviolet laser light.
      (Transition from electronic computers to Super Speed Quantum Computing.)


    14. The Tricks to Light-Speed Supercomputing with Optical Components, with Proven, Secrets to REPLACING old fashioned electronic computers worldwide with 1 fs Quantum Computers. (No body wants to buy a slow computer! And, its a half trillion dollar global market Do it with lasers.) (ebook by Dr. Hait, with 20 U.S. patents and mostly world wide in Optical Computing.)

    15. The Electric Jet
    16. The Navitron, ICM, ICP, and Stopping Cyber Warfare (for sale, by federal law)

    17. Black Holes and Singularity Explained (ebook) ebook free free
    18. Time Travel
    19. Communications Faster than the Speed of Light
    20. How to Simplify Max Planck and Einstein
    21. Rainbow Display
    22. Space Measurements
    23. Simple Space Communications

    E-books require the Acrobat Reader, which you can download free.   Get Free Acrobat

    Ebooks don't cost that much to make
    That's why they are so cheap
    But information's there for all
    It makes a quantum leap

    Free Poetry   Poetry   Poetry:
    1. I had but Fifty Cents
    2. Methuselah
    3. King David's Statue?
    4. Poetry for Fun
    5. 2013 Poetry page 1
    6. 2013 Poetry page 2
    7. 2013 Poetry page 3
    8. Darwin's Sex Life and the Phisics of Evolution
    9. Teaching Science with Poetry
    10. Poems I Love

      Poetry can help us learn,
      Its rhymes and meter flow.
      Remember how it works for you,
      And flavors all you know.

    Fun   Fun   Fun:

      Lots of things are just for fun,
      FreeFree They add things in the brew.
      I've written these to help you out,
      With things both old and new.

    1. Dr. Haits History
    2. Dr. Hait's Science Experience
    3. Challenge YOUR thinking #1
    4. Patenting
    5. Website Thinking
    6. Previous Website
    7. Why was Einstein so Smart
    8. The Value of a Crystal Set Radio, the Spork and the Nothing Machine Free PoemFree Poem
    9. Wading through foolish ideas, to find the gold nuggets, its easy once you understand it
    10. The Negative Results of War Technology
    11. Watch out for the Corporate Assassins
    12. Saipan 2, money maker

      FedEx soon will open a route,
      From Sidney to cities by the bay.
      They want to offer their service,
      When it has to be there Yesterday.

        These are the things Ive studied in my short half-century life. I will publish these things to prevent others from patenting them, so you and the planet may have them free.
        Items without links are still under construction.
        I have over 1000 documented inventions. These are just some of them. Some are already underway, others are still 25 years or more in the future. Please report your experiences with them.

    Potpourri of Miscellaneous:
        Yogi Berra once said, In theory, theory and practice are the same. But in practice theyre different.
      Pictorial Introduction
      Index to using The Poor Man's Energy Assets
      Drilling your own well
      Different Ways of Generating and Using Energy
      Safer Automobile Steering

      A Natural Planet to Imitate
      Proof of Dr. Hait's Science
      Secrets they don't want you to discover!
      Energy Policy Act of 2005
      Electric Car Benefits by State

      Make an Animation
      Prescott, AZ history

      My elevator has a sign
      "In case of fire don't use."
      My wheelchair should bunp fast down the stairs,
      I might even make the news.

      When I was young I'd chase the girls
      But now they pass me up
      Someday I will be young again
      Then I'll be just a pup

      Fun Things To Do On the Water (videos)
      1. Working Model, Wind Turbine into the wind
      2. A Working CATAMARAN, Wind Turbine, Sails into the wind, even backwards
      3. Making a Kayak from PVC free video free video
      4. Sailing with Airplane Wings
      5. Wind Turbine Power Boat free video
      6. High Speed Hydrofoil
      7. Bounce Power
      8. Double High Speed Hydrofoils
      9. How a Pedel Hydrofoil Works
      10. How another Pedel Hydrofoil Works
      11. Working Pedel Hydrofoil

        There's a lot of neat things that you can learn,
        What's more, theyre really fun.
        They teach us how to make things work,
        And really make them run.

           Thanks for your interest.
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