30 Workable Ideas
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Please Consider These Neat Points, Illustrated Introduction (Update 3-20-12)

  1. Live in a greenhouse, so all your food and water are supplied. Use inexpensive translucent plastic covering for privacy.
  2. Use a lot of plastic bottles filled with water as skylights for growing plants on your ceiling.
  3. Building yourself can be cheaper.
  4. Distill your own water. It may be safer, if you do it right.
  5. Its hard for selected animals and chickens, to escape an island, thus you probably do not need to buy or put up fencing. And live chickens eat lots of bugs, around your home. In Saipan chickens run loose, and there are no more mosquitos. We generally dont like to eat bugs, but if you run them through a chicken, theyre good.
  6. Your island environment can also keep out unwanted animals and plants.
  7. If you have animals, put a pipe between the kitchen and the feeding trough so the cook doesnt have to work hard to feed them the scraps.
  8. Grow fruits and veggies from the ceiling where they are to be eaten so you dont have to work hard at harvest time.
  9. In difficult climates, have two shell structures, one inside the other. Blow insulation in when its needed, and suck it out automatically when its not. Or, move where its nicer.
  10. Put your bed on a windlass, so during the day its up out of sight so you dont have to make it.
  11. Make your environment as automatic as you can, so you can do the things you enjoy.
  12. Choose an unusual shell to make, but one within your capabilities, and one visitors will pay to visit.
  13. Take off your shoes and walk in the sand of your island. Even dance with your mate in the sand.
  14. Make little Floppy Mills for each job.
  15. See if you can get a government grant for generating electricity with your big Floppy Mill.
  16. Put up a hammock, and drink lots of beer.
  17. The first thing you need to win a road race is a hot car with stickers all over it. Put stickers on your shell for sponsors of your project, and look for sponsors.
  18. Start a community of islands to supply your common needs.
  19. Start a school to teach what youve learned.
  20. Get help from the local Chamber of Commerce, even the Park Service.
  21. Video your whole building process, so you can sell the DVDs. Its all easy on todays computers.
  22. Play with NFRC to see what you can build.
  23. Put a model railroad around the inside walls of your shell. The interior walls dont do much anyway.
  24. Take cute pictures you can have made into post cards to sell to visitors.
  25. Send me your pictures and story for my website.
  26. Sell or store all your other stuff. You probably dont have time to play with it anyway. Old age comes quickly. I know from experience. Experience is the best teacher, but sometimes you learn things you didnt want to know.
  27. If your island provides all your needs, then you are self-employed with a small monetary income. You have no federal tax. If the locals want to tax you, move elsewhere, where they dont!
  28. What early retirement you do get is used to purchase tools and other things that are deductible on your 1040. Then you can spend your time doing what you like. But dont wait until youre old like me and stuck in an Old Folks Home.
  29. It takes guts to do something unusual. But that makes for exciting success. You can do it!
  30. Build a dream you can accomplish, and then build models.

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