How to Start a Fire with ICE!
And other neat things you can do with Ice

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Sounds strange doesn’t it? It helps to know how sunlight works. Have you ever taken a magnifying glass into the winter’s sun? The air may be chilly, but the focus of the glass is hot enough to start a fire.

Ok, take a wok with the right shape, fill it with water, and set it out in the snow. It freezes solid. Then push out the ice, and polish it into the shape, and clearness of a big magnifying glass.

Now put it in the sunshine. Does it make a focus? If it doesn’t, it has the wrong shape, because the light is bent at the surface, not inside the clear ice.

The focus is hot, hot enough to catch fire to dry paper, or other flammable material.

There you have it! How to start a fire with ice!

There many things you can do with ice, besides scraping it out of your driveway. You can:

  1. Seal up your cabin:
      I had a neighbor who grew up in North Dakota, cold North Dakota, Cap Serba by name. He said their log cabin leaked air when the wind blew, and it was quite cold. So they would melt snow on the stove, then take a bucket full of water, go outside, and throw it against the cabin wall. When it froze, it would seal up the cracks, and make it comfortable inside.

  2. Cool off your tea, or beer. I think you know how to do that one.

  3. You can make a magnifier, to heat your coffee, or melt snow for breakfast.

  4. Ice floats, even in the ocean. The advantage is, that when melted in a container, it’s fresh water because salt water sinks to the bottom. So what’s left is fresh snd drinkable.

  5. Ice displaces its volume when it floats in water, so as long as your ice is floating, when it melts, it won’t overflow your cup. That same effect occurs when Ice burgs melt. In spite of Global Warming, they won’t raise the sea level. It’s the ice on the land that does that.

  6. And of course, it’ll do nasty things to the bottom of a ship, like the Titanic, so be careful when ordering ice when you’re on a cruse.

  7. Make a home, what do you think an igloo is?

  8. Lay out a plastic drop cloth, cover it with water, when it freezes you’ll have a window or skylight, to put in your igloo.

  9. Some folks have even built a complete hotel of ice. Of course these practices are not popular in Hawaii.

  10. A Fresnel Lens focus light, in theory if you freeze water on one, it will take on (almost) that shape, and will also work as a magnifying glass.

  11. If you fill it with saltwater, you could even build an aquarium.

  12. If you freeze together ropes in the right shape you can make an emergency sled or stretcher.

  13. Ice gets a thin layer of water on top when it melts. Thus it becomes quite slippery. You can use this feature. For example, you could move large objects, like log cabins, by properly putting down a layer of ice.

  14. Skid logs, cars, or whatever.

  15. Bridge a river or lake.

  16. Ice is also like a source of energy. Heat engines, such as the Sterling Cycle, operate on a temperature difference. Thus, you can run the engine, by cooling off the cold output with ice, and using the ambient air as a heat source.

  17. In the old days, it was popular to cut ice off the river in winter, and put it in an “ice house” covered with sawdust. If you do it right, you can store the “cold” until next winter.

  18. And of course, there’s ice skating, hockey, and drinking hot chocolate with your favorite girl (guy.)

    If you think of more, send me the pictures.

You know, I came from Montana, where it gets so cold, that one time I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.

    Thanks for your interest.

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