How to connect polyethylene plastic floats to NFRC.


Polyethylene plastic doesnt stick the Hefty Garbage sacs to Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete, how can you do that without poking a hole in the plastic?

The main body of the plastic float simply raises up against the NFRC deck. There are 2 kinds of floats to use. The simplest one is a plastic string with a knot in the middle, buried in the NFRC at the knot with the string ends hanging out. When the NFRC is hard, tie a recycled plastic bottle with the string. That way the deck piece youve made wont sink.

The main float is a plastic Hefty Garbage sack. When full of air, it should push up against the deck piece you have made, and float the whole thing. However, it might just float away unless it is attached. You could poke a hole in the bag, but then youd have to seal the hole to keep the air in, and keep it sealed.

A way around this is to place a round river stone in the bag, and build an outside portion of the NFRC to squeeze it from the outside, bag and all. The round river stone is chosen because its cheap, and shouldnt poke a hole in the plastic.

Yet it provides an object that can be squeezed between NRFC portions, and remain trapped in there, holding the bag tight, even though the plastic of the bag will not stick to the concrete. That way the bag wont just float off, but will be held against the deck piece.

Remember, that new concrete will not stick to old concrete without special chemicals. So the NFRC squeezing section must be built when the NRFC of the deck piece is still wet, within about 3 hours.

Another way to hook your plastic sacks to your island NFRC is with a simple tie using strong plastic string.

The actual design is your own, and you are responsible for it. Neither Prof. Hait, nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center bear any responsibility. In most places there are no building codes to make sure things are built right. So you are responsible to do it right.

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