The Fun of Unusual Homes
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Once youve built your floating lily pad, next build your home. In most places on the water, you can build it any way you wish, but you are also responsible, because no one elses insurance will cover your project. However, check with local authorities first. So it can work cheaper, too.

In Africa many folks live in homes made of mud, stickes and dung. And they manage to enjoy life. Maybe they all have colds. Anyway

Some appear more traditional. Its amazing what can be done with dung.

Some homes are made without timbers, made of mud, dung, and straw. The straw gives it tensile strength, the mud gives it compressive strength, and the dung holds it all together.

Others rely on their shape to give strength, even while made with the same materials.

What do you live in when youre on holiday? A tent? Many folks live in tents called yurts. But, some shell structures use more modern materials, and rely on their shape.

It can be nicer than your apartment. It all depends on how you fix it up.

Why not use less expensive modern materials, while using the engineering features of Natural Fiber, Portland Cement, as well as Shape? A shells curvature, gives it strength, even when thin and light weight, even a NFRC geodesic dome, a green piggy, or pink froggy?

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