Setting Goals
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Please Also Consider These Neat Points, Illustrated Introduction (Update 3-20-12)

    Spring has just started. And lets say you can be well organized, and have read all Ive written for you, and available from online magazines like the Mother Earth News about gardening from flower pots. But you can only work on your project in the evenings after work. You only have three module forms, and so can build, and when ready float, only one 4x8 module each day.

    After one month you have 30 modules. That would make a lily pad about 40 feet in diameter, completely floated in another week. By the end of a second month you could have finished your pink froggy, (assuming you float in a warm climate,) moved in, and planted your first garden, built your floppy mill, and arranged for the power company to pay you for the electricity, produced free from the wind.

    By the end of this summer, you could be working on your beer, stopped paying rent, started earning your keep, and be retired in your pink froggy, or dome if you're conservative! Its possible. Yet youve spent less than $1000.

    Sure, it was a lot of work. And you might have to eat broccoli, but wasnt it worth it?

    Relax with your mate until next spring. Then start a school to teach and show others your success.

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