How Green Monkey Networks Bloom
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It takes several hours to recharge an electric car or other electric vehicle (EV). What is the customer to do while waiting?

Make it pleasurable, cover his necessities, and make it profitable for him to stay. And you earn money off it all at the same time. They pay you to listen to YOUR advertising, and they like it.

Even while giving them FREE transportation, and converting the world to electricity you got for free.

Grow a worldwide Alternative Energy Network, potentially bigger than Exon.

It works in Mexico too. So folks won’t have to cross America’s “Berlin Wall” and get shot at. But make much more of a living right at home, on a much smaller investment, and you don’t have to give me a dime.

Even the drug cartels can make more money my way than theirs!

Help the planet, instead of hurting people.

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