Global Green Monkey Money Making Network
With 12 income streams

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list 12 Income Streams
  1. Create a first example of a Green Monkey EV Recharging and Rest Area Site — INEXPENSIVELY.

  2. Powered by free Alternative Energy, such as: The Green Monkey (a large Monkey balloon,) tethered at 190 feet up by a Light Weight, High Efficiency Generator on a wire, to generate electricity from the nearly constant wind at that altitude.

  3. Can offer free recharging for customers who buy EVs from us.

  4. Eventually, such Oasises can allow free EV power to span the whole country. (How many EVs do you think that will sell? Our Alternative Energy is FREE to us, so why not? While we then sell all these other things to them.)

  5. It also has a neon light, both for advertising, and to avoid aircraft.

  6. The neon light is a relaxation oscillator, to turn the static DC into synchronized AC for sale to the local utility. (It's not difficult, just plug it in.)

  7. Has at least 3 picnic tables.

  8. At the base are at least 3 Siemen’s EV recharging stations, both plug in, and induction load, with Internet advertising.

  9. The Green Monkey balloon also serves as advertising, along with the Recharging stations that are connected to the Internet.

  10. The first sites can be in Northern Arizona, because there aren’t any there.

  11. Each site is also a Oasis Rest Area, so customers have something nice and rewarding to do while their EVs are recharging.

  12. Coke or Pepsi will provide vending machines with snacks and soft drinks, and take care of the vending machines.

  13. The Green Monkey Balloon is held aloft by self-generated hydrogen.

  14. Each balloon will hold up a very low power (not requiring a license,) FM radio, for broadcasting music, and advertising directions.

  15. Each site will have a large screen TV/Internet with advertising for the Green Monkey Network.

  16. Creates one simple clean-up job for each site, and enough income for retires. A lot less work than picking vegetables.

  17. Their purpose isn’t just recharging EVs
    1. Generating additional income
    2. Education
    3. Sales of additional sites
    4. A comfortable place to relax

  18. Unusual games and entertainment

  19. Create jobs

  20. Create a global network of locations

  21. Couple with restaurants and Building and Educational Centers

  22. Sponsor “Into the Wind” races

  23. Sell more stations to your customers to expand your worldwide network
Income streams:

Green Monkey Networks are primarily small sales and recreation sites powered by various Alternative Energies. They help both the customers and the planet, with up to 12 or more green products for sale. Products are sold by vending machines, requiring no personal except for weekly cleaning and beautification. Each has balloon and other advertising of our locations. We even offer customers a way they too can earn a living working with us and expanding our networks.

We create jobs by network expansion rather than needing multiple employees at each site.

If located next to established businesses, such as cafés, we provide a customer draw for them in exchange for at least 3 peripheral parking spaces and highway access for our customers. We’ll be excellent neighbors.

If located next to gas stations, we provide an expansion for their business that, because of Global Warming, are bound to be losing customers. In fact, they and the others can join us and profit too. For them we’ll be an advertising boon.

If located next to a convenience store, we provide an excellent customer draw with time for them to shop.

All of which can be advertised with signs at our location when appropriate.

As our networks grow, it provides expanded sales of Electric Vehicles extending their travel and our sales Earth wide.

Here is a list of some of our unique products from multiple income sources:

  1. Royalties from the growing Network
  2. Wind Energy generated electricity for sale to the local utility.
  3. Recharging of EVs
  4. Vending Snacks
  5. Vending sales of EVs
  6. Homemade coin games
  7. EV rental on an ICM
  8. Jute Box music
  9. Educational ebooks
  10. Sales of solar/geothermal electric generation sites
  11. Sale of solar stored electricity
  12. Sale of reflecting shingles and solar concentrators
Additional Features:
  1. Possible sale of FM advertising
  2. Creation of local jobs
  3. Expanding World Wide
  4. Sale of coin games
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