Green Bottle Floats



Meet the Scientist
Meet the Scientist

    Start an industry that can pay for, and make your own island. The trick is simple, get with a plastics manufacturer who now makes water jugs. You may even get a commission. Have them redesign their jugs to snap together into islands when they become empty.

    Why would they want to do that. Because:

  1. They can sell more of them.
  2. They make islands rather than filling landfills.
  3. While they can be refilled with water, having this other market makes them more valuable.
  4. They could publish a little book on how they work, not just as islands to live on, but vacation spots, even for floating hotels.
  5. You can even distill seawater at room temperature and fill them and distribute them yourself. You can finance yourself and your own island.

    Start with a basic design.

    The Green Bottles hold just a little more than regular ones. And will fit in the regular dispensers. But when empty they will click together, placed up-side-down in a lake or on the ocean. Each one will float over 40 pounds, and Hefty Garbage sacks can be put under them for places with greater weight.

    Brianís island segments can be used for perimeter, and harbor protection.

    If you canít find a willing plastics manufacturer, you can build a Rotomold from Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete and make NFRC Green Bottles, for your own island. An if youíre located where the sea circulates waste plastic, you not only have a supply of free materials, but help our planet too, assuming they are not used for drinking water.

    They can be tied together with rope, or snapped together with special snaps.




    There are several ways to make them. The hexagon shape was chosen because they can make a nice strong tile deck.




    Naturally, such a system is your experiment, and neither the author nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center provide any guarantees.

    Thanks for your interest.

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