Combination Experiment
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All of the components in this system are well proven, but the combination of them is new. Thus, itís experimental.

    What we need to learn are the exact dimensions needed for the most efficient operation.

    1. The Funnel is like a Windsock. The amount of energy collected is a function of the square area of the Funnelís opening. The bigger it is, the more energy is collected. Notice that those big wind turbines you see pictures of, and cost $1.3 million each, only capture 5 Ė 7% of their swept area. The rest of the windís energy just blows between the blades.

    2. This output of the Wind Funnel must turn, by the Wind Vane into the wind. Thus it needs a Swivel pipe, so it can turn.

    3. When stationary, the concentrated air from the wind provides power for a jet pump to suck vapor out of the vapor column and the act as a jet condenser to bring it back to water again.

    4. However, remember clouds, that are often 6000 feet high? This very tall vapor column is taller than needed so itís ďrainĒ condensate feeds a controlled amount of water into the white pressure pipe. (Guess why itís white.) 100 feet is well enough to run the Jet Turbine, and Alternator below.

    5. Sometimes the wind stops, so to prevent air from backing up into the vapor column, we added a good sealing check valve.

    6. Sea Water is added to the bottom of the column, to be distilled, and the Wick is added to aid evaporation. The Sea Water wonít make it all the way to the top, but if the Wick goes that far, the Sea Water will go as far as it can.

    7. What remains after distillation is Brine, and it being heavier that Sea Water exits at the lowest part of the column.

    8. After the pressurized, distilled water runs the Jet Turbine, it flows down into the column to be recycled again, however, you might want to drink some of it, so thereís a valve convenient for doing that.

    9. To aid in evaporation, the columnís black plastic, ABC, pipe soaks up Sunlight.

    10. After evaporation, whatís left is mainly salt. This may have to be removed manually, or an additional washer may be needed from time to time.

    11. The most expensive item is the Alternator. If connected to the Grid, it can be an AC electric motor, that will act as a synchronous alternator, so you can sell the power to the Power Company.

    12. If not, you can us the electric system salvaged from an automobile. If your home is too far away, the alternator can be modified to output AC, and turned into DC at your home. However, doing so is too much for this webpage.

    13. If too much of the distillate is again evaporated by the hot air at the top, you might have to add a carís radiator laid enough horizontal to allow air to flow up through it to cool the distillate.

    14. Another advantage is, if you need to add a solar concentrator, such as a big magnifying glass, or Fresnel Lens, most of the Sunís heat is returned to the atmosphere after youíve borrowed it.

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