Solar Powered Hydroelectric System
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This is an example of putting together several inventions to accomplish a goal. It is experimental, as the sizes of the components need to be determined.

First, solar energy is collected, and concentrated using a large Fresnel Lens. Next, this energy is focused onto a vapor column as it works like a heat pipe.

The vapor produced rises to the top of the column which is like clouds are formed. Here the height, or “head”, needed to operate the Jet Turbine (about 50 to 100 feet, 30 meters,) is provided by the solar power, the wind, and the vapor.

At the top, the output is angled to prevent condensation, if any, from just returning to the column. And the column is insulated to preserve the solar-collected heat.

The heights depend on the altitude above sea-level. At sea-level, the vapor columns will be about 40 feet (15 meters) and the needed “head” is added to that. This makes the whole unit about 140 feet (55 meters) high.

At this height, wind is common. It is used to condense the vapor into an output column. Two parts of this output column include an upper part that acts as a vapor column, and a lower part that provides the “head” needed to operate the jet turbine.

To prevent the system from running down at sundown, a water storage tank is provided to supply water to the Jet Turbine all night.

There may be some air trapped in the water. This is removed automatically by the Jet Pump.

Finally, when the Jet Turbine has finished using the water it is returned to the reservoir where it started from.

Priming is just like other vapor columns. The lower valves are shut off, and the upper one opened to fill the whole unit with water. Then the upper one is closed tight and sealed if needed. Then the lower ones are opened. This should leave vapor in the upper areas. Your first one can include a window, or clear plastic pipe, to see how it works.

It can also be modified to provide distilled water from seawater or sewage.

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