Experience 3, Underground Floors
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I once got a phone call from a nice lady in upstate New York. They were in the process of building an earth shelter, and with it half done, they ran out of money. She asked, what do I do about the floor?

In my PAHS book I used a good idea from Mike Oehler. Rake out the rocks, and put down a layer of .004 inch plastic, and lay the carpet over that. She did, and later called me back to say it was the best floor she ever had. It beat that idea of putting down concrete, as long as it isnít needed to keep the walls from moving in at the bottom because of the earth pressure behind them.

When I was on Yap, in the Pacific, I used this idea in a geodesic dome I built starting with bamboo. It was great, except where the soft clay was, after walking on it a bit, it moved and formed waves like in the ocean. But everywhere else, I loved it.

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