Evolutionary Statistical Analysis, and Sex
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      Warner Heisenberg invented Quantum Mechanics because he said the fundamental operations of the universe were “random,” and could only be understood by statistical analysis. That is, you add up the basics according to some pattern. Sounds good doesn’t it?

    What’s wrong with that thinking?

    If you do a “statistical analysis” of light, or of a radio or TV wave you get a sine wave. Right? You ALWAYS get a sine wave. You might have “Fiber McGee and Molly superimposed on it, but it’s always a sine wave.

    That’s how we make radio waves. We produce a sine wave that propagates through the air.

    What if it really were “random?”

    You might get a sine wave from your analysis this week, but if you add them up, do your analysis, again next week, you’d get a DIFFERENT answer. Why? Because if the basic operations were really random the analysis would turn out random. It’s the definition of “random.”

    Thus, true Quantum Mechanics would be impossible! So would lasers, and everything else.

    But, the word “Mechanics” implies that it’s not really random, it’s more correctly called “Pseudorandom.” That is, it appears to be random to humans because it may be all jumbled up, but it is really the result of regular processes, even if humans haven’t understood them yet. The analysis works because the operations are regular, consistent, reliable.

    The Nazis, whom Heisenberg was trying to please, didn’t like that. Their premise was “Survival of the Fittest” and they thought they were the “fittest.” Actually, what proved out was that all the “supermen” had moved to Minnesota.

    However, Evolution survived World War II, so it’s still a viable and important question.

    They wanted evolution to be true. But it didn’t work out that way. Evolution requires random changes in the DNA instructions that make us up. Then “Survival of the Fittest” would weed out the bad changes and keep the good ones. Living things would either be eaten, or would eat the bad ones. Sounds good.

    But what about sex? The way we procreate. Sex doesn’t help us eat, or keep us from being eaten. We could procreate by cell division. In fact, after conception, that’s how we grow. Cell division was here long before sex. It should be the dominate way procreation takes place. But there are lots of us, because our ancestors rolled in the hay.

    By warping the word “random,” Heisenberg and his friends, built a whole science that threw Einstein for a loop, and prevented him from building a “Theory of Everything” by combining his own Relativity of large things like gravity with small things like atoms that were becoming understood better through Quantum Mechanics. A “Unified Field Theory.”

    In fact, all energy exchanges take place in “quantum” units. This very fact belies any random nature. It’s clearly pseudorandom.

    So what is the conclusion?

    The universe is not random, it’s pseudorandom, built up from basic laws that we are only beginning to understand. But we’re making progress. First of all, by calling a “spade” a “shovel” so we can understand things better.

    Einstein believed in a Creator. The Nazis hated that idea. That’s why they hated poor old Albert. But he was on to something they refused to acknowledge. He hadn’t put it all together, but he was working on it.

    Where are you? Still stuck in the rut of randomness? Or will you recognize reality, and move forward? We’re “PSEUDORANDOM.” Like it or not!


    Every time you hit the hay, remember your pseudo randomness.


    Thanks for your interest.
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