Cleaning up the Environment with Rotomolding
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   For years, and especially after the tsunami in Japan, the oceans have become increasingly polluted with plastic. All kinds of plastic. Much of the beach pollution merely has to be picked up, and the floating pollution is swirling into big floating garbage patches. How can we fix that?

   Most of this plastic can be melted together. But its ugly. The trick is to make it into something we dont have to look at, and doesnt harm the environment any more. The least expensive plastic molding method is Rotomolding. Its a process used to make ocean going kayaks. The plastic should be first, ground up, and then heated in a rotating mold, usually made of aluminum, but it doesnt have to be aluminum.

   Usually, there is a cost involved, however, the whole Earth is bathed in energy, solar energy. By using reflective shingles, as I have described, one can heat his Rotomold to over 600 degrees F. and melt the ground plastic inside. It takes only about 45 minutes, and a bucket of cold water over the mold, and each item is done.

   Green bottles are an excellent choice of a product to mold. Then click them together to make floats for artificial islands. These can be located where the ocean naturally swirls plastic you can gather up free, and your island home just grows, for free.

   As your technique improves, you can try other interesting products, that turn your efforts into money. For example: try plastic Electronic Vehicles. The associated metal parts are available all over, and work remarkably well.

   Another thing to mold is snap-together shell structures, such as homes, boats, islands, and otherwise complex constructions. There are many places that experience tornados, and typhoons. Shelters are needed, ones that can be put up like a tent, in an hour. You could be making these from trash from the sea.

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