Why was Einstein so Smart
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  First of all he simplified physics so he could understand it.
2nd, he drew logical conclusions from what he uncovered.
3rd, he then explained it with high-sounding words, to make the PhDs accept his work, and make himself sound knowledgeable because he understood the new words.

 Let me give you an example: in the early 1920s a Frenchman named Louis de Broglie suggested that the wave nature of light was a property of all matter. Einstein said that if so, one should be able to produce optical-like interference with particles. A couple of years later scientists did it.

 Now the tested and accepted way of measuring the kenetic energy of movement, E, is E=mV2. m=mass, and V=velocity. Interference allowed scientists to measure the flow of energy within an atom as c = the speed of light. And with our slow methods of measuring we only get an average between zero and the maximum movement, or one half the full value. Thus the result is E=mc2. See how easy it was?

 But Einstein was hated because he recognized the order, precision, and superb organization of the Universe, thus he recognized that there must be an organizer, a law giverGod.

 However, in the 1920s, Nazism was on the rise, and it was based on evolution, survival of the fittest. Naturally, they thought they were the fittest. Later they discovered that most of the supermen had moved to Minnesota!

 Heisenberg tried to introduce randomization into physics, which evolution required. He twisted the word around, and set science back 300 years, but it became popular. See my article on "Quantum Mechanical Correction."

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