How to Fight the Climate Crisis and Win!
By Dr. John N. Hait

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Free eBooks - to help the planet quickly, and - so you can also make a living off this information:
The nonprofit Rocky Mountain Research Center only does research and education, the growing Global Empire described here is to be done by our future financial partners.

Sale of Unbreakable Encryption to fund 24/7 solar research

Sale of Photonic Computing to fund 24/7 solar research

Quick Climate Crisis Fix

Single Page OVERVIEW of the 24/7 Solar Worldwide Sales System

How to make extra money with resources you ALREADY HAVE

Dr. Hait's Fixing the Climate Crisis School

Our Goal to help our planet

 24/7 Solar,
How to do it, DIY
Commercial and Personal

  Our Global Plan to help save our planet

  Business Plan Executive Summary

  Monitary Incentives Business Plan to produce Exponential Worldwide Growth






Water, Water Everywhere Except California
Free eBook water.pdf

How to fix their water problem and make a bundle doing it!
And in Flint Michigan too



  The Global Oil Industry is about to get TANKED by their competition! Here's how:

An Open Letter to save the oil industry while there's still time.

How to help the Oil Industry and their plastic customers make more money selling Earth compatible products with only a slight change in their current products.



WANTED: Property, or a tropical island for the construction of "Bussi Land Park". An Educational Demonstration of the various forms of 24/7 Solar, including Waves and Wind to combat Global Warming, and Initial Expanding Global EV Recharging & Sales Network Site, with Revenue Sharing available.

1. Our Exponential Growth Method to help our planet

2. Financing Methods and Risks

3. Why build Global Vending Machine operated Networks

How to make your own 24/7 Solar Electric System without expensive batteries!
Plus inexpensive wind, wave power and day/night temperature differences too!

eBook geo.pdf


 Isn't it time you made a living without working? Anywhere in the world!


  How to collect wasted Solar Energy from a citiy's High-Rise Glass-covered buildings generate 24/7 Electricity 





How to build a Global EV Recharging Network, for EVs and other sales run on 24/7 Solar, Wind, Waves or Day/Night Temperature Differences

Green Monkey EV Recharging, Sales, and Fun Oases Worldwide Networks to replace Fossil Fuels with Alternative Energy Powered, low cost EVs 


Global Network Revenue Sharing for exponential expansion 


An inexpensive, street legal, basic EV transportaion, made for lots of aftermarket add on items, such as a top, radio, heater, GPS, ect. To be quickly rotomoulded by our cooperative industries to blanket the Earth with our growing global effort to fight Climate Change.





24/7 Solar vs. Oil, 38 advantages of global 24/7 Solar over the global oil industry




Free Poems:
Darwin's Sex Life
How the natural sexual process effects evolution.






  Teaching Advanced Science in easy-to-remember FREE poetry
Plus answers to basic problems in physics,

Index of 40 Poems in:
  Quantum Mechanics
  What's Really in the Middle of a Black Hole
  Finally, The Theory of Everything Made Simple
  E=mc2 Made Easy




  Free Fun Poetry
2013 Poetry

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Passive Annual Heat Storage, Improving the Design of Earth Shelters, $25.28 USD paperback







How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity,
Rust Power: the New Alternative Energy:
$19.95 USD






Einstein Code ebook, $19.95 USD






  Free List of Crital Questions Explained by Resonant Fields

Resonant Field Theory, $99.00 USD




  Saving the Planet, $19.00 USD







Photonic Super-Supercomputer, free invention disclosure. More than 500,000 times faster than a any 1 Ghz electronic computer using red laser light, and a million times faster using ultraviolet light at 300 nm! Includes Fully Photonic Boolean Logic and Siginal Amplification.

Sale price $2 million prior to June 2015, with $400,000 commission to any salesman, so there must be time to prepare the patent application. Free research license so you can prove it's operational. The only requirement is to keep me informed as to your progress. At !)

Free Novel:

 Clear & Present Danger: The Corporate Assassin; free ebook

 Written about the War on Terror in 2002, many of its freatures have come true today.







Free Poems:
 Darwin's Sex Life

 How the natural sexual process effects evolution.






  King David's Statue?
 What's wrong with his statue?








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