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Pounce on the Pentium, Eat Apple and
Slam-Dunk Silicon Valley!

Light switchs a MILLION times faster than an ole 1 Ghz electronic computer. I've really made it easy and explain it in detail. You can do it!
I show you how!
ebook $19.95


Supliment to Book 1 above
ebook $9.95

How to earn a living, without working!
Click for more info: Solar-Geo ebook



Build a home that maintains a continuously comfortable indoor temperature all year around, without commercial energy -- anywhere on the planet.

Passive Annual Heat Storage, Improving the Design of Earth Shelters, $25.28 USD paperback at Amazon.com

A working Theory of Everything.
Click for more info:
Einstein Code ebook, $19.95 USD

Text Book explains the fundamental mechanism of physics. Click for more info: Resonant Field Theory, ebook $99.00 USD

How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity, ebook $19.95 USD. Click for more info

Saving the Planet, ebook $19.00 USD. Click for more info


The Corporate Assassin.
Click for more info: Clear & Present Danger ebook $3.95 USD

Free Poems:

Darwin's Sex Life free ebook

King David's Statue? free ebook


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