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  Free eBooks - to help the planet quickly, and - so you can also make a living off this information:


24/7 Solar,
How to do it, DIY
Commercial and Personal


Water, Water Everywhere Except California
Free eBook water.pdf

How to fix their water problem and make a bundle doing it!
And in Flint Michigan too



  The Global Oil Industry is about to get TANKED by their competition! Here's how:

WANTED: A tropical island for the construction of "BussiLand Park". An Educational Demonstration of the various forms of 24/7 Solar, including Waves and Wind to combat Global Warming.

How to make your own 24/7 Solar Electric System without expensive batteries!
Plus inexpensive wind, wave power and day/night temperature differences too!

eBook geo.pdf


 Isn't it time you made a living without working? Anywhere in the world!


How to build a Global EV Recharging Network, for EVs and other sales run on 24/7 Solar, Wind, Waves or Day/Night Temperature Differences

Green Monkey EV Recharging, Sales, and Fun Oases Worldwide Networks to replace Fossil Fuels with Alternative Energy Powered, low cost EVs 


24/7 Solar vs. Oil, 38 advantages of global 24/7 Solar over the global oil industry




Free Poems:
Darwin's Sex Life
How the natural sexual process effects evolution.





Teaching Advanced Science in easy-to-remember FREE poetry
Plus answers to basic problems in physics,

Index of 40 Poems in:
  Quantum Mechanics
  What's Really in the Middle of a Black Hole
  Finally, The Theory of Everything Made Simple
  E=mc2 Made Easy

Free Fun Poetry
2013 Poetry

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Passive Annual Heat Storage, Improving the Design of Earth Shelters, $25.28 USD Amazon.com paperback





How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity,
Rust Power: the New Alternative Energy:
$19.95 USD




Einstein Code ebook, $19.95 USD





Resonant Field Theory, $99.00 USD


  Saving the Planet, $19.00 USD





Photonic Super-Supercomputer, free invention disclosure. More than 500,000 times faster than a any 1 Ghz electronic computer using red laser light, and a million times faster using ultraviolet light at 300 nm! Includes Fully Photonic Boolean Logic and Siginal Amplification.

For Sale at Auction (make an offer to the Rocky Mountain Research Center: info@drhait.info !)

If you don't buy it and swamp the $ Half Trillion worldwide computer market, somebody else will!

Free Novel:

 Clear & Present Danger: The Corporate Assassin; free ebook

 Written about the War on Terror in 2002, many of its freatures have come true today.





Free Poems:
 Darwin's Sex Life

 How the natural sexual process effects evolution.




  King David's Statue?
 What's wrong with his statue?





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