Solar Powered Brumby Water Pump
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Here we have 2 figures, to show you the difference between the two different methods of Solar Powering a Brumby Bubble Water Pump without electricity.

In Figure 1, a large Black Tank is place in the Sunshine, which heats the water contained inside. Over the daily cycle, it oscillates from pressurized to not-so-pressurized. During the day Air/Vapor pressure goes to the Brumby Pneumatically-Operated Pump, which is operated to pump water into the Holding Tank.

At night the Black Tank cools off, but because of the Check Valves, it takes in another breath of air which will be pressurized by the Sun tomorrow.

How can we make it better? Take a gander at figure 2. If the Vapor causes problems with the Brumby, install a plastic trash bag to separate the Vapor from Air input. Also, in figure 1 from time to time you must replenish the water as it is used up. In figure 2 the Vapor is not used outside the Black Tank, and only air is sent to the Pneumatic Pump.

However, there may not be enough compressed air to run the Pump all night. So, an Overnight Air Storage tank is added. There are many factors that determine the size of each component, so it will take some experimentation.

Also, if shades are properly aligned to periodically cool the Black Tank during the day, and Solar heat it in between, as the Sun moves across the sky, the pressure in the Black Tank will oscillate, and pump more air, and thus more water.

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