Crazy Houses
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Around the world some people have built some really crazy houses. Like these: (video.) Most of them have one thing in common, theyre usually expensive. However, it can be inexpensive, using Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC) and your own labor.

Plus, I do the testing for you, and report what works, and what doesn't.

Once youve built it, it can provide you with food, shelter, and even an income. Ill show you how.

Please read all I've prepared for you.

Also consider, what complex sand sculptures folks build. Theyre even on TV. What if you made such a sculpture, coated it with NFRC, hollowed it out, and moved in? How talented are you? It's up to you to make it exciting to look at, and live in. Make tourists willing to pay you to tour it.

Im not a crazy as you might think. It's all designed to both save and earn money for you, and make your life exciting.

    Thanks for your interest.

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