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       The process of composting is cyclic. Your excrement output is just one part of the biological cycle needed to grow healthy plants for you to eat. Just as you may eat cows or drink their milk, you dont eat grass, dirt, or your own excrement. Now you may eat fruits and vegetables, but you dont eat the leaves or stems. Why? Because the food value for you is in the output made for you, not in the plants that produce them, unless the output for you is in the stems, such as rhubarb (whose leaves are not only toxic, but taste bad,) or the leaves as in spinach. You may eat pin nuts, but you dont eat pine needles.

        So it is in the soil. There are 4 different microbes in good soil. Each one has its food and its output. However, they must eat each one in its order, or they will all starve. Number 1 can only eat your output. It cannot eat the output of any of the others. Plants cannot eat your output directly. It must be turned into food for them first. This process takes some time. Thats why farmers are told to spread manure at one part of the year, plant at another, and harvest at still another. Its all based on the Earths rotational period around the sun.

       Number 2 eats only the output of #1, not any of the others. 3 eats the output of 2. 4 eats the output of 3. And then the plants eat only the output of 4. So, only after this complete process are you fed.

       This precludes evolution, because all 6 items in the cyclic process are required simultaneously. If any one is missing, the rest starve. All 6 must exist at the same time to thrive. And its based on the annual cycle. (See the Bible at Deuteronomy 23:13)

       When they all work together, all are happy. But if only one is left out, all are unhappy. Clearly, only our Creator knew how to do it and make it work.

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