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        I have presented much of my life’s work in an effort to help the planet. But it must be used worldwide in order to do any good. So I’m trying to teach folks how to make a living spreading this technology, because much of their efforts, obviously, aren’t working. So people who just want to help people, can now obtain the funds to do that.

        In 1979 I invented Passive Annual Heat Storage (PAHS.) At the time, there was much misinformation about earth sheltering, speculation and guess work. But earth sheltered homes did work better. That was an important fact.

        The University of Minnesota published a book containing the results of their computer studies. This was an important publication. It established that after 3 years, the insulated earth around an earth shelter, in deed, becomes climatized to the interior environmental temperatures.

        Thus the Geodome in Missoula, Montana, USA was constructed. A two story geodesic shell structure made of 4-inch thick Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete. (Which was very new at the time.)

        I had Bobby Osage and his crew, some of the best cement men around to assist me, and, Tom Bodett one of the most forward-thinking structural engineers. We also had the help of computer programming from the Boing Company and Professor Supernaut of Montana State University. We worked very well together.

        It is important that the first floor was so deep in the ground, and that the walls were heat conductive to the surrounding earth.

        While it was under construction, Kent Harris, our financier, came in one day and said, “We have a problem, we have a round building, and flat insulation.” I had purchased a truck load of Expanded Polystyrene (the white bead-board that had a good reputation for use underground since its invention in the 1930s.)

        Many insulation types had been offered, but the earth shelter, in Missoula, that had been insulated with Polyethylene foam, had soaked up rainwater, which became useless as an insulator.

        That’s when I laid out the Insulation/Watershed Insulation Umbrella for the Geodome then under construction. We were able to curve it enough to shed rainwater, with 3 layers of visquine plastic sandwiching 6-inches of ESP insulation tapered out to the edges.

        This Umbrella extended 10 feet beyond the building, and was 2-feet up in the earth above the structure. 10-feet was chosen because that was the extent of the University of Minnesota’s work.

        After the home had endured a full summer, keeping itself cool, the temperature sensors, 48 of them, indicated that the earth surrounding the earth shelter, had in deed climatized to 70° F. over the summer— 68° F. is considered “Room Temperature.”

        Then the next winter came, and it began to cool off. By April of the next year, when the outdoor temperatures were again rising, the home had only cooled off to 66° F. (18. 9 degrees Celsius.) Now in 2013 it maintains 74° F. (23.3 degrees Celsius,) all year around all by itself.

        In January the average outdoor temperature is 19° F. (-7.2 degrees Celsius.) And often reaches -20° (-20 degrees Celsius.) While in the summer it can reach 100° F. (37.78 degrees Celsius.) Today, with Global Warming, imagine how much CO2 is produced the old fashioned way, just to counteract this natural phenomenon.

        This obvious improvement, prompted the writing and publication of my first book, “Passive Annual Heat Storage, Improving the Design or Earth Shelters,” in 1983. It’s still the definitive work on the subject.

        More information came from the Federal Government, and the use of Earth Tube ventilation systems. So I included these improvements in my book.

        The window sizes in the Geodome, while facing South, were not enlarged, as was the custom. This was for several reasons. First, the earth shelter construction didn’t permit it easily. But we had to meet FHA specifications of 10% of the floor area in glass, and with 2 floors it was just within those limits.

        Second, the new PAHS method didn’t need so much glass, especially in Western Montana where it’s overcast most of the winter.

        Only 2 pain windows were chosen because you do not want to block the sunlight, but rather, you want natural heat flow to cool the home by storing the heat in the earth behind the home. So “High-e” windows were not chosen.

        However, we did have problems with rainwater on the exposed windows. Because the shape of a dome was not vertical, these windows must be like skylights that shed water.

        Also, after I was off the job, and a year had past by, a leak developed in the exposed face. This required the earth near the top front to be removed. What we found was that in the 2-fee of top soil above the Umbrella, the earth was moist, exactly what you need for plant growth on top.

        In the 2-feet of earth between the umbrella, and the dome, it was dry as a bone, even powder dry.

        However, someone, probably in a hurry and not understanding the PAHS design, had lopped the front 20 feet or so, and covered the destruction with earth. While the home basically worked fine, rainwater made its way down the front to the windows, and thus the leak occurred.         After the inspection, we rebuilt the Umbrella, that afforded protection for the front of the home. We fixed the leak, and the PAHS method confirmed.

        Our Earthly Spaceship is situated at just the right balance between worm and cold, summer and winter. So balancing these with an Improved Earth Shelter, would work almost everywhere, and it has now been tried in much of the Earth, and Mars is next.

        Over the years, the PAHS method has been further proven, and I’d like to thank Kent Harris, and all the others that spent their own money to further the technology.

        I sold my book in 25 countries and fed my family on it for 10 years. Now my son James and Antonine Strauss of France are working together to industrialize PAHS.

        The Alternative Energy designs presented on this website, will enable you to make a living from cleaning up the planet with Alternative Energy. They have been well thought-out. My experience in Alternative Energy should show you that.

        There are many ways of doing things, and where I can, I show you them. I show mostly unique methods, because lots of folks are working on the older stuff. We certainly need an improvement. And, the Earth needs help.

        Maybe you live up in the mountains, or down by the sea. There are methods for each one, even for those who expect their homes to be drowned. What’s more, we all have to make money doing it, or it’ll never get done.

        Many of the things I show are well-proven physics, and logical. They’re easy to use. Others don’t have the sizes and organization needed to find the best configuration, so I teach the basic principles. Still others have had their pieces and parts proven, but have not been put together this way.

        How you do that is up to you. How much research you wish to do, is up to you. But if you make a lot of money, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with me, so I can, in turn, help others, and expand the technology.

        Montana law requires that I publish the results of my research, and even with my handicap, I’m doing the best I can. Traditionally, I’ve been 20 years ahead, but now you can be.

        Choose the ones you like best.

    Thanks for your interest.
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