The Cat and the Cats Pajamas
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The Cat

   One of the inventors of Quantum Mechanics was Erwin Schrodinger. Based on his knowledge of physics he proposed a rather strange scenario.

   He has a cat placed in a box, a vile of poison, and a radioactive substance. When the radioactive substance gives off radiation, the vile is broken, and the cat is killed. Simple enough, but a little morbid.

   The theory is that according to Quantum Mechanics, things in the universe occur at random, and therefore, there is uncertainty as to when the radioactive substance propels its tiny bullet toward the vile.

   Because of this uncertainty, he thinks the cat is both dead and alive at the same time.


   The radioactive substance gives off radiation according to its half-life. This is a regular operation, we can set our watches by. If it were truly a random function, and you were to test it now, then again later, youd always get different answers. However, you dont. You always get the half-life of that substance. Regularity, proves that the basis of Quantum Mechanics is not truly random. No matter how much folks wish it to be so. Its Pseudorandom.

   That is, it is based on natural, calculable laws. Its just so complex that humans have lost track of its order. The cat is alive, and at its proper time, hes dead. Nothing in the middle.

The Cats Pajamas

   What were their goals? They wanted very much to provide some kind of random activities, that could be a basis for evolution. They didnt like the alternative. So they could burry their ideas in complexity, and fool folks. They were mostly successful.

    But theres a problem. Regularity. They tried to warp the meaning of random. Complexity, is not necessarily random, and just because humans dont understand a process, doesnt make it random either.

   But when a process is repeatable, regular, it has to have a regular basis, even if we cant follow it. Its like a radio wave. If you do a statistical analysis of a radio wave, you come up with a sine wave. It may be modulated with music or Fiber McGee and Molly, but its still a sine wave. Such regularity belies the idea of its being truly random. If it were truly random, what we would always hear on the radio is white noise, not any type of modulation. Thus in spite of their fancy claims, the Universe is not truly random. Its just complex.

   Einstein hadnt gotten this point, and thus he was unable to unite his regular Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, into a viable Theory of Everything. So, the Resonant Field Theory accomplished that task for him.

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