Wind Alternator with No Moving Parts
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  The other generating ideas are proven. This one is still experimental. This one I want to do myself, but you’re welcome to beat me. Generate AC with no moving parts, high efficiency, and it’s easy and inexpensive, but BE CAREFUL!

  1. Ben Franklyn invented the lightning arrester, not to attract lightning, but to deionize the air to prevent lightning strikes.
  2. He used a simple pointed rod, hooked to a wire, the other end of which went into the ground. Notice that in the process electricity flowed from the point to the ground. How can we improve that?
  3. Elevate the point. He used a kite, but they aren’t reliable. Instead we will use a lighter than air balloon, even using hydrogen, as I will explain below.
  4. But, just in case, "lightning Protectors" are provided at ground level. They are just a loop of insulated wire about 6 inches in diameter. These are used on radio attenna to protect them. The theory is that lightning will jump the lightning arrestor, and most will not go arround the circle, protecting the high voltage transformer.
  5. The FAA law requires antenna lights on a tower over 200 feet tall, so we’ll cut our tether wire off at 190 feet.
  6. At that height, the wind blows almost constantly, thus the deionized air should be blown away, keeping the current flow to the ground on all the time.
  7. It’s DC. How can we make it into AC? With a relaxation oscillator made of a neon or fluresent bulb attached to the balloon. This extra feature keeps the balloon lit up at night, for advertising, and it’s a good idea for aircraft, even if not required.
  8. A capacitor is added and the frequency adjusted to 59 cycles. Why?
  9. A transformer is located at the bottom, to connect the project to the AC line. Its ordinary output (I’d guess about 6000 volts,) selected to match what the tether produces.
  10. When the ordinary AC swings low, it synchronizes the total AC to 60 cycles, and runs your power meter backwards. If you have arranged “net metering” with your local utility, they’ll send you a check for what you generate. Work with them.
  11. How much energy is produced this way will be shown on your power meter.
  12. The shape of the waveform can be checked on an oscilloscope.
  13. Remember that this project uses very high voltage, you must be trained to use it, or we will have collateral damage.
  14. I have not built this curcuit. However, I've read that it should produce about 6000 volts. At 60 cycles, the Neon Light should be on all the time.
  15. 190 feet height was chosen because the FAA rules that if over 200 feet high, the light must blink. This light will not blink.
  16. I have no knowlege of the rules in other countries. Check it out yourself.
  17. The High Voltage produced is lethal! So all workers must be trained in high voltage protection.
  18. Now there are no people, and if your work is careful, no sparks, so lifting the balloon with hydrogen you can generate yourself, is less expensive.
  19. Keep track of how much money it earns.
  20. If your balloon is a big monkey, it will attract folks to you EV recharging station and Rest Area, too.
  21. Remember, that neither Dr. Hait, nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center have any legal responsibility. This page is strictly educational.
  22. This is all your baby! Please note the cautions here!
  23. Please write me, and tell me how it went.

    Thanks for your interest.

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