The Beautiful Form
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  The expense, difficulties, and labor involved in the various methods of forming concrete have shot up the price of practical earth shelters. Yet the advantages of PAHS, can be seen in that the Geodome in Montana, is over 30 years old, still requires no furnace or air conditioning or commercial energy to maintain the comfortable indoor temperature of 74° F. (23.3° C.) So it doesn’t cost the owner a dime to be continuously comfortable, and with zero carbon footprint.

And if you had a FloppyMill wind turbine generating what little electricity you might wish to have, you’re completely off the grid too. See

So how can we build less expensive earth shelters, that outperform other construction methods? The answer is the “Beautiful Form.” How does it work?

Thin dome triangles of wafer-board, plastic, or similar material are manufactured in a factory, so they come in a box. They are made to not-only-click-together in one morning by 2 workmen, but are made with built in overlaps, so that they are automatically water proof. It’s like putting up a tent.

Rebar is tied to the outside, as needed by the engineering design. Doors and windows are hung in their places, and plumbing and electrical are simply hung on the outside of the dome form.

Lower exterior forms are all that are needed on the outside. Then concrete is brought in with a standard concrete pump, that puts the wet mud on the top of the dome, and let slide down the outside. It doesn’t sag like balloons do, and doesn’t need to be removed a week later. It can also have iron filings put in the mix so it will be expansive, and have built in waterproofing.

Inside, the form is made to be the interior of the home, complete with strut supports and coloring. During the week while the concrete cures, the rest of the interior can be finished. After that curing week, the dome can be buried, and the Insulation/Watershed Umbrella as required by PAHS, can be installed, and the landscaping placed.

Thus the form is never removed, repaired, and full of labor, expense, and trouble. The Interior already looks nice, and doesn’t need painting or finishing. It all happens at the same time.

Notice that the biggest expenses in home construction are not in materials, although the shell structure certainly saves there too. But time and labor constitute the lion’s share of cost. When these can be substantially reduced, then more homes can be built and sold over a global network, and help save the planet too.

The Beautiful Form becomes the interior of the home, all finished, and ready to live in. It saves time, labor, materials and lots and lots of money.

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