Air For Your Island and Money From Your Island

     Most beaches you might build on are off the grid, but the wind isnt. Ive built a simple windmill, called a FloppyMill that should bring you the underwater air you need for you and your island.

Unlike those big expensive jobs that capture only about 5% to 7% of their large swept area, (most of the wind flies between their $1.3 million blades) the FloppyMill captures about 90%. It has a vertical axis, so it works with wind from any direction, is self-protecting in high winds, and can be built by anyone, with minimum skills.

The wind paddles are about 40 feet in the air, made of sealed exterior 4x8 sheets of plywood, or wafer-board. That may seem strange, but when balanced, will turn real well. (See the illustration. Replace the "Gen" with the air pump and related equipment, and the AC motor when you generate electricity.)

Its important to hook the lower pump to a compresses air tank, and a pump suitable for you to breath the air, without petroleum lubrication to get in your lungs. They make a diaphragm air pump for spray-paint, it cant have petroleum either. That can be run by the FloppyMill to power your air needs.

There are underwater masks with an air hose so you can stay down for a long time if necessary. Im not an expert in these, so you must check it out yourself. But this you can buy and hook to your FloppyMill.

In the water, watch out for things that might want to eat you! And follow all of the safety regulations, and it all should work well for you.

You may need to use the compressed air to blow up the Plastic Bag floats, or other maintenance under your island. Use common sense!

If you work it right, when youre not using your FloppyMill for compressing air. You might use the FloppyMill for generating electricity both for your island, and even for sale to a local utility.

For this youll need an electrician.

Use the FloppyMill to power a large AC electric motor. In school they taught us that you cant use an AC motor as a generator. Baloney! Back in the 80s I visited a fellow who earned $250 k per year from a big 200 kw motor and a 100 ft. drop creek on his property in Eastern Washington.

When you start up your electric saw in your garage, what happens to the lights? For a moment, they dim, then when the saw is up to speed, they come back on. Its called back EMF. What if you add energy, like from your FloppyMill? It generates for you, and automatically in sync with the AC input.

Connected to the 440 volt power line, it pumps electric power back into the line at retail rates, for the power you use on your island (run through a transformer to get the 110 volts you need,) and wholesale rates for the power you dont need. You have to negotiate with the utility the exact rates, and buy an electric power meter and wire to the mainland from them. But, there is a Federal law in the U.S. that they have to do this. It can furnish you with a good Alternative Energy income, so you can retire, relax and have a beer on your island! But, dont forget to get an easement for your power wire.

There are several ways to build the tower. One easy way is just stand the rotating shaft on a used automobile wheel bearing and hold the FloppyMill with guy wires, connected solidly to your island. Maybe a better way is to build a tower of cement rebar and NFRC. (This has not been engineered, so you must calculate the sizes yourself.)

Notice the Eifel Tower in Paris, France. Its wide at the bottom, that makes it more stable. Make a 40 foot tower starting with 20 foot NFRC legs set in a triangle. Then on top, 10 foot pieces in an offset triangle, then 5 foot ones, and so on until your reach to top bearings near the wind paddles.

You can build this tower with your dome home underneath. You may have to come inside with it, just work around it. Its worth the effort.

If you grow your own food, and distill your own water, youre really off the grid!

You know, in many places its legal to make your own beer or wine. What else are you going to do in retirement, on an island that provides all your needs?


  So have at it. Ill try to furnish all the information I can for you.

I might be handicapped, but Im still enthusiastic!

Please read all that I've written , even the poetry, and write and tell us how it worked.

Dr. Hait

  • This FloppyMill has not been engineered, there are too many differences with your specific needs. You are responsible for what you build, and to test pieces for integretary, nither Dr. Hait nor the Rocky Mountain Research Center bear any responsibility.

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